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Seven women to one man.

Citizens of Russia pogolovno almost ready to congratulate women on March 8, but not ready to elect one president.

Otmechavshiysya polupodpolno with Czarism ofitsiozno under socialism and safely dozhivshy today Women's Day, lost any ideological motivation, turned into an absolute classic gender holiday. If another triumph for sex - 23 February - at least to be a professional component - the idea should chestvovatsya not all men in succession, but only those that the defenders of the Fatherland, the March 8 about the solidarity of women workers, even international, although the home, now no one remembers. I congratulate all of the female succession - and those who declare hunger strike to protest non-payment of salaries of many months, and those who do not know what, besides fitness and beauty salon, fill your day.

Characteristically, March 8 almost a favorite after New Year's holiday: he pleases almost 90% of Russians (ie - 86%, according to the Levada Center), and average Russia intends to congratulate the man as much of seven women. Citizens and citizen who brezglivo morschat nose, I am confident that purchased on an industrial scale greeting tulips smell cheap colognes, the same incredible amounts purchased two weeks earlier, in an absolute minority (not a holiday like 12%). The high popularity of Women's Day - a clear indication of their total apolitichnosti.

Flowers, albeit vyalye, greetings and compliments, even hackneyed and vulgar - almost a piece of soap-serial life.

Just as in Soviet times, once in a year when the men arrived at the turn of the davilis carnations, and in department stores away scarce boots and underwear, the woman allowed to remember that it Not only the members of the trade unions, the Komsomol, etc. Here is a В«great tradition inherited we inherited from our grandmothers socialistВ», as it is written on one of the specializing in leisure and recreation site.

Since socialist grandmother, unlike the capitalist for their specific women's rights were not fought, the granddaughter of the market perceived the existing way of life for granted. While in developed and even countries, women are on equal terms with men taking part in politics and economy, Russia has a female head, much less a woman politician - a clear exception to the rules. In the parliament of the election to the election of deputatok not only growing, but rather reduced, and never ever a history of not more than 10% of the Duma building. The government usually costs one to two ladies, Fradkov and the cabinet is not managed by them. Among the leaders of the region, only one woman - and the Valentina Matvienko, almost the only permanent female face in politics survivors with gorbachevskih up to Putin's time.

Levada Center for Women's celebration brings statistics, which indicates the location rossiyanok life any better zdravits and toasts: В«Among the government employees, women make up 56%, but only 9% are managers, and only 1,3 % of women hold senior managerial positions В». However, citizens themselves (to a lesser extent, women, men, of course, more) consider that the correct order. Only 14% of respondents believe that women have surpassed men in government, while 80% believe that they are sophisticated in the household, and 81% - in the upbringing of children.

In short, the notorious В«Kinder, Kuijen, churchВ» and in the XXI century, remain the most appropriate activities, a forces and the conduct of leisure rossiyanok.

But unlike their Western tovarok providers to deal with children and a kitchen for men, from Russia's citizens on March 8. Obitatelnits Latvia, for example, this holiday is ideologically alien, denied. And in the last 7 years, representatives of leftist parties in Parliament, unsuccessfully tried to recover it. To be honest, there is a latyshek, ferial, the daily proof of the equality of their rights: the President of the Republic - a woman, Vaira Vike-Freiberga. In Russia, to vote for a woman - a presidential candidate is theoretically prepared to only 32%. By the conviction of experts Levada Center conducted a similar survey in July last year, the figure corresponds to the U.S. .... Sample 1937. Today, the U.S. woman in the White House willing to see 92% of the citizens. But doubtful that even after 70 years celebration of Russian women in the strictly allotted for this day, March 8, Russia will come to this incredible woman's popularity.

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