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For Latvia, the third hit the button.

TV TVC, despite an international scandal, will show the film «Nazism in the Baltic».

For its premiere channel chose March 16 - the official Memorial Day Latvian Legion SS. The Latvian side is outraged, but inhibit release the film does not intend to.

film «Nazism in the Baltic» withdrawn studio «Third Rome» commissioned by TV channel TVC. This small studio, among other things, specializes in patriotic films in the spirit of its name. On request TVC had already removed the film «On the ice floes» «on the history of the Arctic, and today the Russian polar drift of the difficult polar stations, the courage and heroism of the people working in the permafrost zone», as commissioned by TV channel «Russia» -- Film-investigation «Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. The truth about heroism ».

March 9, the press center of «Interfax» was a presentation of a film about the Latvian Nazis for Russian journalists and a press conference with the authors of the film. Today, however, became aware of the abolition of the press conference.

«We called the line producer studio Alexandra Drozdova and reported that they were forced to cancel the event», - told «Gazete.Ru» to «Interfax». According to the «Interfax», the representative of «Third Rome» «seemed very frustrated because the studio to show seriously preparing».

Alexander Drozdov said «Gazete.Ru», that press conference did take place - seems to be the day before the premiere, on March 15. The reasons the transfer date of the press showing Drozdova refused.

According to her, the idea of creating a film studio owned by itself and not an order from above. «Producing Center offers a channel package of applications. It consists of already-developed ideas, which we are ready to shoot. Channel selects a few ideas ». Get the answer to the question why this topic has been chosen for the film, Drozdova suggested at a press conference.

interesting that passed late last year presented the film in Latvia was not entirely smooth - the organizer of the show, the Saeima deputy Nikolai Kabanova even excluded from the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs.

As the «Gazete.Ru» Kabanov himself, in December, he contacted the authors of the movie and received a copy. In his own office in the Sejm, he organized a press demonstration, which invited the Latvian two dozen journalists from various media focus - as prolatviyskoy or pro. According to the deputy, in relation to the film journalists «clearly divided on the national principle: Russian said that the movie good and useful, Latvians - that the film biased and harmful. However, some journalists Latvian origin admitted that the film «normal».

Scandal same happened after some of the journalists, snyavshy during the movie on their video camera, passed «pirated copy» familiar nationalist MPs color. They have made exceptions Kabanova of commission, but with a sharp condemnation of the film were made by the Speaker of the Seimas posmotrevshie and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia.

As often happens, the scandal only drew attention to the film. According to co-chair of the Latvian Human Rights Committee, the deputy of the Riga City Council Gennady Kotov, now the movie can be downloaded from the site of many Latvians. Many are waiting for March 16, to finally see it.

Correspondent «Gazety.Ru» also be able to download it. This time a well-made film, where modern surveying Nazi and antifascist rallies alternate archival staff. At an emotional and vivid video imposed recognizable German and Soviet marches and songs.

The main message of the film that 30 years from the Baltic States, it was not possible to defend its independence and was only the choice of which side benefited from the decline - the Soviet Union or Germany. Those who opted for a German (ie, the Latvian Legion Waffen SS) and «fought for the freedom of other people's banners», «bear responsibility for Nazi crimes». In the film, however, quite a lot of time is the interview «right» MP Juris Dobelisa (who filed a complaint against Kabanova), and Latvian officials and historians.

March 16 TVC will show the film in its broadcast, the premiere back to the memory of the Latvian Legion Day. As explained «Gazete.Ru» MP Kotov, Latvia TVC comes to cable companies «Baltkom», covering, according to deputies, two-thirds of Latvian families. Kotov admits that the film institute more passion, but believes it is good. «Healing disease always comes through the aggravation. This diagnosis, while the diagnosis of a grudge stupid », - said the MP.

Latvians, however, another opinion. The press service of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Latvia reported «Gazete.Ru», Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that the decision to show the film in the air TVC provocation aimed at destabilizing the situation in Riga. Moreover, Latvia, must respond to the emergence of such films. Minister Artis Pabriks proposes to establish their historical feature and documentary pictures that objectively reflect the history of the country. This movie could be shown in schools and diplomatic receptions.

A Latvian nationalist association of TB / DNNL today made an appeal through diplomatic channels to condemn Russia for the film, told «Gazete.Ru» the press service of the organization. «Despite the fact that the Government of Latvia is unable to prevent the false impression the movie, you need to do everything possible to the international community was the view of Latvia, according to this historical facts», - stated in the treatment of association.

however, believes the Saeima deputy Nikolai Kabanov, the authorities will not hinder the TVC: «It is in China during the scenes CNN cut off the entire channel. We have no such progress ». Therefore, if the Russian leadership of its TV broadcast did not withdraw, Latvians will be able to see it.

in Latvian embassy in Russia «Gazetu.Ru» assured that their party has taken no action to release the film in the obstruction of air. «We appreciate the freedom of the press, so you do not see opportunities to provide some pressure. However, we would like to see the authorities of Latvia had the opportunity to speak from their point of view on this matter », - explained« Gazete.Ru »embassy spokesman Nils Yosts. On the abolition of the presentation, for which he is also going to go, the diplomat knew of the correspondent of «Gazety.Ru». «The movie we clearly see as biased. He looks like a custom », - explained the representative of the embassy.

Press Secretary TV TVC Alexander Popov assured «Gazetu.Ru», that «the movie, of course, will be released» - he is already in the grid of TV broadcasting. On the reasons for the transfer of Moscow's presentation on TV is not known.

Dmitry Vinogradov, Dmitri Alexandrov

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