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Resident of Ingushetia, gave birth to chetvernyu per hour.

March 1, the Rostov Research Institute doctors took delivery of the 38-year-old Lydia Alhoevoy.

woman to intensive care at a car in Rostov brought from Ingushetia, successfully gave birth to three girls and one boy.

- The fact that we bring rozhenitsu of Ingushetia, we knew in advance - told ¬ЂKP¬ї head of maternity wards, Alexander Orlov. - When the car arrived in Rostov, we are already ready for operation.

Doctors decided to take delivery, with Caesarean section.

operation is being carried out personally NIIAPa Director Vladimir Orlov and Alexander Orlov he assisted. The first to light a girl weighing two kilos 200 grams, the second - the boy, who weighed a hundred grams more than his sister. The third girl also was born with a weight of 2 200, while the fourth was a bit smaller - 1 650 grams.

- Cases in which four children born at once, quite rare, on average once every 10 years - said Alexander Orlov. - Here infants born with normal weight and growth for chetverni. Three children are already in the general ward, and the smallest so far is in a special kyuveze, which is supported by the required temperature, but in the coming days it will be next to his sister and bratikom. At Lydia Alhoevoy it had already been charged against the fourth generation. House waiting for her two sons and two daughters. Interestingly, during the third of births to women has twins, but not, apparently, it had decided not to stop.

- The fact that I will be born soon, four, said even in Ingushetia - said a woman in travail. - When my husband found out about this, then, to put it mildly, were shocked, and all of our relatives. But nothing: a big family - it is always good.

While Lydia Alhoevoy forbid doctors to get out of bed.

After the surgery she required bed rest. Three daughters and synishku she has seen only during lactation. The names of kids not think of another woman, said that over the puzzle grandparents.


We called the Ministry of Health of Ingushetia. There birth chetverni know from the heart rejoiced over my mother and her babies.

- Every day we call Lydia in Rostov, she feels fine, - told the correspondent of ¬ЂKomsomolki¬ї Specialist of the Department of Maternal and Child Health of the Republic of Ingushetia Zun SHADYZHEVA. - We look forward to her return. Our president is an event not leave unattended, so be sure to congratulate her on returning to the republic. What give the young mother, has not yet been decided. The gift must be useful.

the last time in my memory is a significant event occurred in 1996, the truth, then born troynyashki - all girls. And to just four ... - this can not recall.

Yuri Redkin

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