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The visit of Hamas has raised the reputation of the Russian Federation in the Arab world.

Yesterday in Moscow at the invitation of President Vladimir Putin arrived delegation of Hamas.

Even at the airport Sheremetyevo chairman of Hamas politburo, Khaled Mashal, warned that the talks are unlikely to be effective, because the most important requirement to fulfill Russia and the West - to recognize Israel - Hamas is not going to.

Still, Hamas for the fact of negotiations was initially much more important than achieving any result.

high-level visits to Moscow from the beginning seen as winners of Palestinian elections as a way of doing international PR, rather than an opportunity to reach a compromise. There was no secret that the Russian side. As the head of the Duma committee on international affairs Konstantin Kosachev, "the purpose of receiving advice not to reach any agreement. This is a very long process."

Initially, the Russian side stressed that the Hamas delegation heads of the Foreign Ministry is awaiting a short protocol reception, but instead the parties talked about two hours. Obviously, such a retreat from previously announced plans for a compensation for the absence of the visit the reception in the Kremlin. The head of the Politburo of Hamas, Khaled Mashal, insisted that the delegation is invited to Moscow, Vladimir Putin, threatening otherwise to lower-level delegation. The Kremlin decided to Hamas only if the negotiations will reach a breakthrough. Since this has not happened, it was decided to limit the extended negotiations on Smolenskaya Square.

Another unpleasant news for HAMASovtsev was Moscow's decision to refuse to deliver to Palestine several military transport helicopters to transport the Palestinian leadership and top-50 armored personnel carriers for the Palestinian security services: the Russian side agreed that such goods will be delivered only to the consent of Israel. That is to say never. But Moscow has guaranteed HAMASu $ 10 million financial aid, which must be such as to compensate for the U.S. assistance of $ 30 million has already been transferred to the PNA, but returned back at the request of State Department just before the visit of Hamas to Moscow.

The current talks are likely to be only the beginning of a long process of international recognition of Hamas.

group is now at the stage of forming their own government, and by Khaled Mashal, it would be illogical to make any serious concessions to bypass a future prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh. Clearly, this foreign policy is to begin negotiations after the government will be formed. And Hamas, of course, still soften its radical stance. Experience shows the Israeli side, the greatest success of the peace talks to reach at a time when the authorities were "hawks" (in the case of Israel - Likud) rather than "blue" (ie, "Labor").

However, one undeniable benefit the Russian side of the Hamas delegation visits Moscow extract, and now. This is the image of Russia in the Arab world, which in recent years is quite concerned over the Russian authorities. Invite Hamas - in this sense is much more effective move than the recently acquired observer status in the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Khaled Mashal, and the words that "Arabs are fed by warm feelings for Russia" certainly outweigh common statement yesterday Movladi õÄÕÇÏ×Á and Akhmed Zakayev, condemned time and the Russian authorities and the leadership of Hamas.

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