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The newspapers are full of murderers Zimina.

In Khabarovsk held funerals spetskorrespondenta NTV Ilya Zimin, who died at the hands of an unknown perpetrator in Moscow.

Although officially no suspects in the case, newspapers have been criminals, charged with the murder of five policemen immediately. But investigators called the newspaper version of stupidity.

Ilya Ziminym bid farewell to more than a thousand people, including Governor Viktor Ishayev edges and other heads of regional administrations, Representatives polpredstva president, and journalists. Mourning ceremony was held in the Hall of Military History Museum.

the Far Eastern military district. Zimina buried at the central cemetery of Khabarovsk. At the home of journalist living his parents and sister.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the assassination of journalists continues. In the media every day there are new reports that the suspects are already known. But every time detectives refute this information. Due to the lack of obvious suspects in media accounts, while supporting the reader's interest, to publish all kinds of speculation.

For example, on Thursday, the newspaper В«NewsВ» came with sensational material that it became known the names of the killers of journalists.

According to the federal publication, the information provided Anonymous, throwing landscape sheets written in pencil the names of the killers of journalist in a mailbox in the hall stood. According to the newspaper, there were the five names. All five - members of a police department. Anonymous also said all their data, including name and age. According to the author of the letter, one of the policemen called the journalist. Zimin, it seems, knew him and let safely. To change into civilian police officer left the door open and entered followed by four more. One of them allegedly punched a journalist foot in the groin, then stabbed upavshemu Ziminu a few more strokes foot, according to a note. Despite some apparent inconsistencies contained in anonimke, the newspaper suggests that the letter may be of great interest to the investigation. And in general, concludes "Izvestia", the note could write a killer.

Because of this publication has been suggested that police could perform a job to deal with uncomfortable journalist preparing razoblachitelny material on catering.

the truth, even close friends of the deceased denied the possibility of execution because of the professional activities Zimina on NTV. According to another spetskora TV Vadim Takmeneva, no sensationalism Zimin not ready. Indeed, colleagues have refused to conduct their own investigation.

Still, the newspaper said that the metropolitan prosecutor's office is very interested in the information received on the police-killers, specifying, however, that the author-killer could push the investigation of a false scent.

However, as it turned out «çÁÚÅÔÁ.Ru», this is not the case. «Let the note, but even to consider this version is not particularly close. It is simply nonsense. And there is nothing to discuss », - said a source in the investigative bodies.

Other media disseminated information that investigators have a few days know the name of the suspect, but for some reason can not catch him. However, in the words of one interviewee В«Gazety.RuВ» in law enforcement, В«wanted so far, no one is announced, there is no specific suspect, and will also fotorobotaВ». There is only his thumbprint. Judging from the fact that the fingerprint did not zasvechen in militia bases, it may well be a random killer. In addition, as indicated by the picture and the commission of a crime. According to police, all indicate that the apartment Zimina was his friend. First, the offender and the victim of drink, then porugalis - and the fight occurred. В«The crime is committed in the course of argument, it is obvious, the killing was spontaneous, and the purpose of the assailant apparently was not well thought out and planned a desire to deal with ZiminymВ», - told detectives. In favor of this version, in particular, and the fact that when the offender is gone from the apartment, Zimin was still alive.

How much time can go in search of criminals, investigators are constrained to report, noting that a large-scale investigation.

В«Otrabatyvayutsya all contacts, the investigation team is divided into several teams, one dealing with personal contacts and other acquaintances to verify the work, others spend a night club and the data from the killing. Information diverse, and all of it, of course, otrabatyvaetsya and sent to the headquarters of the prosecutor's office. Nevertheless, we do not rule out that the killer can be found at any time В», - note the law enforcers.

can contribute to this many interviews of friends and acquaintances, as well as video.

As the В«Gazete.RuВ» bowling club В«AirplaneВ», where a few hours before his death was Ilya Zimin, investigators have interviewed all of the entertainment complex and confiscated video tapes of domestic surveillance.

They may have a picture a middle-aged men with whom Zimin, according to some reports, left the home entertainment center. At the same time, members of a night club denied В«Gazete.RuВ» information of some media that the guards outside the complex remembered man left, along with Ziminym taxi.

A "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has put forward the version that the killing may have been committed sexual offenses. Its correspondents conducted their own investigation into the sexual orientation of the deceased. Unofficial sources in law enforcement reported В«Gazete.RuВ», which will also try this version. Colleagues Ilya Zimin very cautiously talking about his personal life.

В«So far, no new information to add to what was said by officials from the prosecutor's office, we have nothingВ», - told investigators.

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