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In March, the North Caucasus plunge beneath the waves?.

This winter just south of Russia zavalilo snow. And now there is every reason to expect large-scale flooding.

How to protect from the elements, to mitigate the impact, it could cause? To answer these and many other issues on the Stavropol rescuers have gathered all the Southern Federal District. The meeting was attended by the chairmen of all committees for emergencies and fire safety experts gidrometeosluzhby, disaster medicine and other concerned ministries and departments.

main objective - to prevent the deaths of people who live in dangerous zones. There the whole YUFO 865 thousand in 689 settlements.

- There will not be with us a clear strategy for common action, that does not work - warned the deputy. authorized representative YUFO Nikolai FEDORYAK. - Why in the field all the time delay in decision-making? Why are the ministries of transport, agriculture, environmental protection work so neslazhenno? Why at the last moment, it appears that the heads of municipalities, there are the documents? The further in 2002, the stronger forgotten events in the Stavropol Territory.

- From 2002 to 2005, we have been 47 emergencies, including major accidents -18 - reminded the Chairman of the disaster and fire safety in the south of Russia Head of the Southern Regional Center EMERCOM of Russia, Lieutenant General Sergei KUDINOV. - They killed 174 people. I believe that work on disaster prevention is not effective because, even no one was punished for inaction. Floods have been, is and will be. Rivers Great and Small Zelenchuk, Terek, Sulak, Don, Kuban and others this year, threatening to flood up to 7000 square kilometers of territory.

It must be strengthened water facility, which provides space for the collection and evacuation routes, how much food and drinking water will be needed in case of emergencies. Answers to these questions from local authorities, as they say, need to fly off from the teeth, said at the meeting. To this end, decided to establish a commission to verify the execution of the federal law on safety and Water Code.

- It will include representatives from federal prosecutors and the Department of Law Enforcement - promised Nicholas Fedoryak. - This is a major structure and the rights and powers. In March, she will inspect several subjects, among which are bound to be of Dagestan, Ingushetia and the Krasnodar region. The results will send to the General Prosecutor's Office. Look for them will be able to other subjects, to know what the shortcomings of the neighbors and what to take to address them.

only numbers

Over the past three years in YUFO of the disaster affected more than 500 people, and property damage amounted to 189 billion rubles. On the prevention and elimination of emergency situations in this year's Stavropol allocated 74,346 million rubles. In 1760 the entire province of hydraulic equipment, 17 of them orphaned.


In the next two weeks at the most likely to Stavropol floods in river basins:

- Egorlyk;

- Podkumok (above and below the Kislovodsk possible local underflooding);

- Kuma, particularly below Otkaznenskogo reservoirs, as well as opolznevy area near the river and its tributaries Surkul near the village Kursavka;

- Kuban: Dehtiarivska farm - the village of oversight.

to constantly monitor the water level in rivers and be able to advance to warn people about the promotion generated waves, the province plans to open a temporary hydrological positions: in the mineral waters of the River Kuma in the village Kursavka on the river Surkul in Piatigorsk Podkumok on the river and in the village on the river Arzgir Balka Chogray.


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