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The new center of Krasnodar: Tale or Reality?.

Living in Krasnodar to discuss breaking news - the center of the city snesut and built anew.

Rumors of an impending ambitious construction due to acute anxiety and curiosity of the townspeople, but the second February domyslam and omission brought to an end: in the capital district was officially announced the launch of a reconstruction project of the central part of the city.

happened at a meeting of city council to the Governor the province, which has already been said, but still want to say more.

Plans gromade

"We are on the verge of tremendous change - addressed the crowd the edge of the head, Alexander Tkachev. - The building of a new center of Krasnodar will take years, not decades. To be certain inconveniences, but we must pass through it. "

According to the authors, the project is the most ambitious plan for reconstruction of the capital Kubany in the history of the city. The concept of having a 5-year period, provides for the construction of 2 million square meters of housing, which can accommodate 300 thousand people. A total of 250 planned to change the face of neighborhoods, not only in the historical center. Reconstruction of the city will start from the streets, going from Turgenevskogo bridge, as well as two neighborhoods in the area of regional drama theater.

parallel with the building of new facilities will be decided by the transport problem: the administration of Krasnodar signed a protocol of intent with the North Caucasus office of Russian Railways to move the railway line from the center of the city of Krasnodar. "At the site of the railway tracks will be city-speed line, which will go high-speed bus, - the head of Krasnodar Vladimir Yevlanov. - Of course, this is our dream, but not so unrealizable. The mayor said that Krasnodar Institute Grazhdanproekt "ordered the development of feasibility study, which could take up to 2 years. "Through the transfer of ways we can get an additional 100 hectares of land in the city," - he said.

head of the city mentioned a few important ideas that will define the new look of the city. Planned capital reconstruction of the Hotel Central, next to the library. Pushkina a courthouse, the street will be connected with Kalinina street Forging and garden - with Moscow. "In the first case, you need to demolish the house and relocate the twenty families in the second - twenty-five, to clear space for the track" - the mayor explained, to which Alexander Tkachev commented: "In total twenty? Long time would have already done so."

The city plans to build two more major junctions - Kalinin Street will continue straight through agrouniversiteteta to the exit of the city, and street Novokuznechnaya will go to Vsesvyatskomu memorial park (formerly the cemetery), and in the other direction will continue to the streets Tihoretskoy.

At the site of the demolished homes with partial amenities appear to be an elite housing and office centers. "Adjusted Krasnodar will not resemble any neighboring Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg neither nor Moscow - the so-called concept of the chief architect of the edge of Yuri Rysin. - Something that can be replicated in the Mediterranean countries. It will be a white city, like a mirage arising before anyone who arrives at kuban capital. "

to whom the holiday?

Draft demolition of old housing and building new in the capital Kubany unfolding as the military operation - quickly and decisively. When the city formed the headquarters headed by first deputy head of the city Alexander Dombrovskim. To cover expenses podtyanuty considerable financial resources. However, the total amount, which can cost the establishment of a new person in Krasnodar, the leaders of the city and the edges have not yet been raised, stating only that they will actively involve the private capital.

the reconstruction of the central part of Krasnodar Krai and local budgets until the end of this year allocated 700 million rubles, while the federal budget is scheduled to receive about 3 billion rubles. These funds, which should provide Gosstroi, will focus on the development of utilities in the East and Kruglikovskom Sunny city neighborhoods. Since 2007, the regional budget plans to allocate for this purpose at least 1 billion annually.

In addition to raising funds, on the eve of the start of large-scale offensive on the dilapidated city housing authority had taken vigorous organizational measures to simplify the process of entering most investors on the construction site. So far in Krasnodar was inventoried land previously granted to citizens or legal persons, check that the citizens in the area of reconstruction, identified key investment areas.

"The city has imposed restrictive measures on real estate transactions in the areas slated for reconstruction - reported to the city council meeting, Mayor of the City of Vladimir Yevlanov. - According to our information, during which time the number of transactions fell by 4 times. We are doing everything to run smoothly on the investor's playground. "

In the regional center formed a pool of nineteen investors, who since late February, will begin to learn by the City of investment sites. Among the investors, svom declared intention to participate in the reconstruction of the city center, companies such as Renova-Development "," Development-South, "Klarissa-Builder," "DSC," "Kuban-kapstoy, South Building Industry Corporation "Europe," KDB "who are ready to begin work on 94 city blocks.

First dilapidated buildings will be demolished in March, and by the end of this year, is scheduled to complete construction of 24 homes for the displaced from the center. "It will be 16-etazhki, at 3 600 apartments - said Mr. Yevlanov. - I am sure that it is feasible to build them very quickly - we have the experience of building work on the shelter for victims of floods in 2002. While there is no ready-housing We can buy an apartment in the secondary market. However, the proposal is limited - in the town put up for sale all 450 apartments, but we intend to buy 120 apartments in the month to start the program from March 1. "

price of housing in the "social housing", which will relocate the residents of dilapidated fund, according to the mayor of the city would not exceed 15 thousand rubles per square meter.

Where to run?

sure the city does not have a single person who would not agree with the direction of the city and the region - the issue of the "Shanghai" in Krasnodar, Russia has long been ripe and perezrela, and the sooner it is resolved, the better. However, the rapid pace, which is preparing a project is puzzling, and even fear among residents of the center. So far, no one explained to citizens why the need to demolish an emergency shelter in March, when new houses will only appear in December, and then - at the most successful set of circumstances? What is the need to urgently build shestnadtsatietazhek for the displaced, even from the experience of working in a state of emergency?

How wonderful would not look at the mock "city-tale, dream city, the project raises other questions, which seriously affect the interests of tens of thousands of krasnodartsev. If you do not even take into account the global challenges such as - and even whether to build a new city on the site, or - what to do with relics? - Every resident of the center cares what happens to him personally, when in Krasnodar will begin an ambitious building.

"Nedovolnyh not, people will say we thank you, we offer a new home to replace the shacks!" - Both commented on the situation in one of the construction companies that participate in the project.

Indeed, now the capital of the Kuban has 500 thousand meters of dilapidated and emergency housing, which is 50 thousand people. Homes without water, sewer and gas network, many of whom razvalivayutsya of old age, barracks, communal - a housing krasnodartsy leave without regret. However, many residents of Krasnodar, in recent years, erected in the central districts of the city at the site of dilapidated housing good two mansions with all amenities, paying only for every hundred of land for $ 10 thousand or more. Now the owners of new homes strongly opposed resettlement and has already calculated what amount of compensation they are asked for their homes in case the project.

But the owners of a small number of square meters in chastichkah kommunalkah and appreciate not only the pluses and minuses but the effects of the coming century building. The relocation from downtown to the outskirts or suburbs of Krasnodar, where there is no public transport, the need to change jobs, schools and even the pristine habitat - very nezhelannaya prospect for thousands krasnodartsev.

Governor advised city authorities to exercise in dealing with homeowners hardness. "We will not allow anyone to delay the process. If a person does not want to leave - act decisively perekroyte water" - called the head of the province. However, it is rather an emotional assessment, however, the main objectives of the municipal authorities are - as soon as possible to resolve the relationship with the owners snosimyh facilities.

Krasnodarskie lawyers specializing in civil proceedings, as a matter of urgency shtudiruyut civil and housing codes, exploring the Russian law enforcement practice, in preparation for shaft lawsuits perturbed citizens center. "Under existing legislation, the municipality has the right in court to withdraw land, house or privatized apartment from the owner through foreclosure, if it is necessary for municipal needs - explained on condition of anonymity, one of Krasnodar lawyers. - But if the project involved a private investor, it is not relevant to the needs of the community, therefore, be considered in court as an ordinary argument two owners. In the near future, my colleagues and I will produce a more accurate concept to protect the interests of homeowners in the courts. "

According to experts, the brouhaha surrounding the project is created deliberately to provide psychological pressure on the residents of the center. "The people should create the view - everything is already decided, you need to agree to any conditions that will invite city council and the investor - explained the lawyer. - We call krasnodartsev not rush and carefully study all the documents relating to relocation."

Perhaps some decisions already taken, if they do not like the citizens, the authorities will have to reconsider because of their non-compliance with federal legislation.

Alexei Koshkin

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