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Irina Slutskaya won the bronze medal of the Olympics.

Following the execution of short and arbitrary programs Slutskaya won only in the amount of 181.44 points.

Olympic gold reached Japanese Shizuke Arakave obtaining 191.34 points, while the "silver" from American Sasha Cohen (183.36 points).

After the short program leader Cohen, who three-hundredths ahead of Slutskuyu points. Arakava ranks third, behind by more than polballa. According to the draw of the troika of candidates for the first gold medal would go to ice the American figure skater.

arbitrary Her program was the most difficult among all participants, but already at the first jump, Cohen admitted the fall, and then fell again.

rest of the program, she otkatala confidently, making five three jumps in turnover. Nevertheless, when bezoshibochnom hire konkurentok she could not count on gold.

Shizuka Arakava acted after American and otkatala its unmistakable. She made five jumps in three traffic showed enormous speed and track action. 24-year-old Japanese, who in 2004, working with Tatiana Tarasova, became world champion, won for its very high marks. Now with the Japanese figuristkoy works Nikolai Morozov.

Irina Slutskaya is unlikely to be able to outstrip Arakavu even with perfect hire its program because it was less complicated.

Rossiyanka, however, as American, without a problem has not done.

Surely began its program with a triple Lutz, Slutskaya in the future instead of a triple cascade sheepskin coat - double sheepskin coat made of a cascade of two jumps in turnover, fell while performing a triple ritbergera. The judges praised her rent is lower than the rent-Cohen, and eventually Rossiyanka won a bronze medal.

Recall that Irina Slutskaya at the last Olympics in Salt Lake City won the second place, losing American Sarah Hughes. Over the past two years - to start the Games in Turin - Irina lost only one tournament, the finals' Grand Prix this season.

Russia was unable to obtain first-ever Olympic Games "Grand slam" in figure skating, where all the gold medals in the Olympic program as representatives of one country's gain.

Earlier, Olympic champions Tatiana Totmyanina Turin steel and Maxim Marinin (sporting a pair), Yevgeny Plushenko and Tatiana Navka and Roman Kostomarov (ice dancing). Bronze medal for Irina Slutskaya became the Russia national team nineteenth award the Games in Turin.

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