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The people were deported on public holidays.

February 23, not everyone in the North Caucasus, noted as the main army holiday. That day in 1944 on the Chechen-Ingush unprecedented wave of mass repressions.

- from the territory of the republic were hastily removed not single people or families - people who have thus expressed distrust of Stalin's power. Vsesovetsky holiday was a day of sorrow and grief for almost half the people of the republic. Incidentally, right? What is interesting to think about today's leaders of Ingushetia and Chechnya?

Murat Zyazikov, president of Ingushetia:

- Of course, the coincidence was not by chance. By November 7, coincide with the deportation of Karachai, the new year - Kalmyks, March 8 evicted Balkars. So peculiar celebrated these holidays power. Indeed, it was a very difficult period. Not the best stage in the history of our country. Entire peoples deprived of their homeland - this is only possible under the totalitarian regime. Our elders tell the terrible things that the path could not bury their loved ones who died one after another - levels were virtually non-stop, and the bodies were disposed of with the train on the move, that there is no epidemic. Carried in the cargo trains to Central Asia - Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. People in lyutuyu winter unloaded in the field - without the necessary things, without food, without shelter. Nobody could understand why there are so punished. The real tragedy, I believe, even when one person suffered illegally. And here the whole people. Many survived only by sheer force of will and support of local people - such as ordinary people, as they are fed up, sharing clothes. In Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan from Ingushetia - for the first time in 60 years - have traveled the delegation, and on the eve of February 23, there is also off our representatives. I first asked the presidents of those countries with the words of gratitude for the support of people in a difficult period ... There Do Ingushetians hurt? For the people - not, as in the power of the period to Stalin - yes. Well, Khrushchev, in which people were able to return to their homeland, respectively, thanks ... A period was really difficult. It is necessary to know, remember, but to go forward - focus on that, constantly live in the past and save their resentment meaningless. Just need to make sure that this will never happen again - not with us, in any other country. It is very important.

Alu Alhanov, president of the Chechen Republic:

- This is a shameful horrible events in our nation's history. Deported all without discrimination. I know a veteran, it is very decent man, a warrior who has earned a lot of awards in the war, was an example to others. But the 44-m it directly from the front was taken to Central Asia, which has already moved his family. After that, he never put on these awards, which deservedly won him - he could not forgive Stalin and understand why him and his family so cruelly and unjustly treated. How can it do so with such people? There were criminals - who denies? And talking about it, our grandfathers. But those who have suffered at the time of the bandits hit twice ... February 23, celebrated the Day of Soviet Army (now Russian). Some, of course, like to lay the deep discord and provoke a negative attitude to this holiday from this day evicted from their ancestral lands people. But wise people. Normal people understand that the same fate had been - though other dates - other people. We sometimes forget how many Russians were taken in the same Siberia to the North. How many Cossacks killed, expelled in those years. It was a terrible, difficult period of history, but you can not pretend that it only affected our people. Russians blame the same can not, and bear no resentment. Most importantly, I believe that even then, are people who are not afraid to speak the truth. I, for one, with great respect to the work of Mikhail Sholokhov, who in those years, he wrote: В«Caucasus without Chechens - this is not the CaucasusВ». To say aloud about it then has been a heroic deed. Thank God, a critical assessment of the events is given at the highest state level. A Day of Defender of the Fatherland, we will still celebrate - I have already ordered ...


Operation В«lentilsВ» Beria personally supervised.

were involved in the eviction of an unprecedented large force - up to 19 thousand operatives NKVD, NKGB and В«SMERSHВ» and about 100 thousand officers and soldiers troops NKVD, styanutyh from across the country to participate in the В«exercise in the mountains terrain В»(not in front of each operation is so much fighters!). About this В«operationВ» not say that it passed without excesses: Figures - 2016 arrested and 20 072 confiscated firearms - speak for themselves. However, winning in the mountains of snow removal has slowed down from the mountain - in Galanchzhoyskom area, for example, because of the snow removal stretched to 2 March. Nevertheless, for the first day (23 February), it was moved 333 739 people., Of whom 176 950 are loaded into cars. By March 1, was sent to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan 478 479 people., Of which 387 229 Chechen and Ingush 91 250 (it was among them, and about 500 other people, mostly Avars evicted by mistake), about 6 thousands of Chechens to get stuck in the snow in the mountains Galanchzhoyskom area. In order not to mess around, many of them В«aВ» ... Last destroyed - February 29 - their place of origin leaving the national political elite Chee USDA: individual echelon she was sent to Alma-Ata.

Vlazneva Alla

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