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Governor Alexander Montenegro has made its choice - to vacancies in the provincial government no longer exists. Change is very serious - four new ministers and nine zampreda!.

that immediately drew the attention of even a cursory acquaintance with the list of appointees - is coming to the edge of the leadership to key posts of representatives of big business.

Is this good or bad - is still too early to say. But the undoubted advantage of these people could be able to operate successfully in today's Russia. Among obzhivayuschih new chairs have a very bright person. For example, deputy chairman Anatoly Voropayev government. With some can be to recognize that the Governor has found a second Andrei Razin. Apparently, he was bored with such an unusual minded colleagues. The story of how Alexander quarreled with Andrei Aleksandrovich, has already reached the Supreme Court. Montenegro has Razinu decent replacement. Indeed, between the current and former producer zampredom «Laskovogo May» a lot in common. And «ÒÏÄÎÉÔ» not just age - both «under forty». In the biography of Anatoly Voropayeva too is producing «punktik»: in 1996 he created Ltd. «Production Company Anatoly Voropayeva», and the following year Ltd. «Journal« Theater ». We produce films and the production of plays. He was commercial director of foreign trade company «Ekslayn LTD» and led Ltd. «Prominvestproekt». In spring 2000, became the focal point Voropaev headquarters for the organization of primary elections (primaries) PIC «Surgutskaya alternative» (a group of young politicians, which includes Sergei Kiriyenko).

At Stavropol Anatoly moved from the seat of Deputy Governor - Chairman of the Committee for Property Management Tula region.

Another nyuansik - after his appointment to this position Voropayeva in the Tula region has a business group of former shoumena Sergey Lisovskogo (known history of the U.S. in the box from the copier). In general, a person is extraordinary in its scope and it is comparable with Andrei Razinym.

Other new vice-chairman are known to Stavropol. This Vasily Bondarev, before working as the regional secretary of the Council for Economic and Public Safety. Love Voloshin changed the place of Deputy Speaker to chair GDSK zampreda. Nikolai Marchenko was appointed to the same position, leaving the post of head of adviser and assistant governor.

One of the key positions - Minister of Economic Development and Trade - Tatiana Bosov out a former first deputy general director of OAO «Arnest».

It replaced the government of Valery Gaevskogo, which prochat transition to work by Dmitry Kozak, the presidential polpredstvo on YUFO.

No less interesting property relations minister - Anatoly Koliev. This post he took after returning from Moscow, where he was an authorized representative of the Government edges of the Government of Russia. He - the representative of a very well-known names, owns concern «Koliev Product», where he at one time was vice president and owned a twenty percent of the shares.

the meantime,

Minister of Agriculture was the edge of Valery Kulintsev, who prior to head Shpakovsky municipality.

Managing stavropolskim branch «Moscow Industrial Bank» Vladimir Shapovalov became the Minister of Finance. Remarkably, that he defended his master's thesis on «Economic Mechanism in support of entrepreneurship in the agricultural area of the region». Therefore, his appointment - a clear curtsy to the agricultural lobby.

Minister of housing and communal services, construction and architectural edges appointed Elias Prokopenko - until then led by the Regional Duma committee for state-building, local governance and the rule of law.

Head Office became governor of the Stavropol region, Vladimir Zritnev, have held the post of consultant of the Management Control Division. Chairman of Committee of the Stavropol region on public order and pricing policies appointed Igor Perepelitsa, formerly head of the secretariat of the Vice-Governor of Stavropol Territory. On the other appointments «Komsomolka» has already written.

Finally, another interesting fact - the government has the edge of another Alexander Montenegro.

Dvoyurodny brother-namesake (he Grigorevich) headed the government committee on architecture and urban planning. At the same time knowing Alexander G. Chernogorova people believe that it is quite deservedly won the presidency - the business and moral qualities is quite consistent with the position.

left to wait for a couple of months and see what the course will update the team with the same steering.

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