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Avian influenza detected in poultry Stavropol.

Preliminary results from laboratory studies conducted in the All-Russian Research Institute for Animal Welfare in Vladimir, confirmed the presence of avian influenza virus have died in the Stavropol region of poultry.

В«The presence of influenza virus confirmed in patmateriale received individual podvoryah Izobilnenskogo district, town Mikhailovskaya Shpakovsky area and a private pond Kirov regionВ», - said the representative of the press service of the governor of Stavropol region.

He explained that a final diagnosis will be received at the end of this week, but the very possibility of the spread of the virus has become a signal to take immediate action on the territory of the province.

The press service said that special emphasis on raising awareness among the population, especially among owners of domestic poultry, which are urgently needed to produce poultry ban, inadvertent contact with wild waterfowl, the principal vector virus.

Shpakovsky Administrations, and the Kirov Izobilnenskogo municipalities made available to ensure that the activities to locate and eliminate pockets of the disease, added the press service.

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