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Lessons have been Afgan trace.

Despite the frost and snow, 15 February at the site of the memorial for soldiers-В«AfghansВ» in Stavropol was not possible to find a free place.

anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afgan annually here. All goes well, as always. People were one after the other, it sounds prayer В«for upokoyВ», to lay flowers at the memorial held a minute of silence ... Major-General Alexei Marin said the losses: В«How much we have lost in Afghanistan? Judging from the economic standards, very little, but if we consider that every life is priceless, we lost a lot. One hundred fifty-seven of our countrymen were killed in this war. This was somebody's brothers, fathers, sons. For us, the living, they were, are and will be heroes out of politics В».

Among those gathered - Konstantin Nartov, a veteran of that war. He was a sapper, awarded the Order of the Red Star and other very significant awards. Outwardly, always calm and steady, today, he worries:

- If the country's shift of power, that does not mean that you need to change and history.

This government must draw conclusions from the Afghan war, but it is somehow persists in ignoring the period of Russian history. Some of the great said: В«Free State fire and sword to defend the right to freedomВ». Our vosemnadtsatiletnie ГђГЃГѓГЃГЋГ™ that have died in Afghanistan and Chechnya - that whether they В«fire and swordВ» our new nation? The army should be composed of trained professionals, consciously going to risk, not from clogged В«grandfathersВ» hungry boys. In remanding the guys fought in civilian life, the government is not worried about their future destiny. I am talking not only about the children left without hands or feet. In fact, many of them still have not received the promised benefits. I say more about those who came from the war pokalechennym morally. The Government has not set up a rehabilitation center for those who passed the war. Painful memories, lust for battle, an unjustified aggression: because of this, many have not been able to have a family, someone spilsya. В«Chechen syndromeВ» showed that over the past seventeen years to those who have won the state of their relationship has not changed.

However, those who have not broken down, have been able in this life to achieve a lot. Constantine himself - Deputy Stavropol city council and is a successful businessman.

only numbers

in the province is home to more than 5 thousand participants of the war in Afghanistan.

More than 700 veterans still standing in line for an apartment.

Benefits veterans Afghans

1 st group - 3000 rubles

Group 2 - 2300 rubles

3rd group - 1500 rubles

increase in their pension 500 rubles.

Compensation benefits 150 rubles.

And at this time

В«AfghansВ» on this day honored, of course, not only in the Stavropol. And, as so often happens to us, not without В«kinkiness fieldВ».

in Kislovodsk is now time for the elections, and candidates are trying not to miss the opportunity once again В«light upВ». The trouble is that the city-resort of more than a dozen people running for mayor, while 25 seats in the city Duma claimed almost a hundred applicants. Because at a solemn assembly of soldiers-В«AfghanВ», except for about twenty people - participants in the fighting, granted about the same number of candidates for mayors and deputies.

В«HappinessВ» for combat brotherhood directly say, questionable. On the one hand, of course, well, that they are not forgotten, is remembered. But interestingly, how many candidates would have to В«AfghansВ» in the day, if not the election?

The result was not very good. Candidates are awarded any letters, cards and other directly say, not very applicable in the household belongings. And only a charitable foundation gave В«AfghansВ» subscribe to the 20 sets of local newspapers - well at least some benefits ...

Denis Bulavin

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