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The attacks in the Stavropol prevent accidental?.

Still, on Wednesday received a special information that the village Tukuy-Mekteb Neftekumskogo Stavropol region dogs are not something nogayskogo, not the shelkovskogo dzhamaata up a В«winter flatВ» in private homes and preparing acts of terrorism in the region.

However, in another version, just a routine police check the passport regime.

way or another, but on Thursday in the village worked fighters Interior troops, OMON and SOBRa.

At 15.50 on Thursday in one of the В«nehoroshihВ» houses on streets for Peace and Kirova noticed equipped firing points.

militants zavidev them, opened fire with rifles and machine guns. Police were unable to break their resistance. The battle went late into the evening. Militants offer to surrender. In response, they just opened fire.

Yesterday Tukuy-Mektebe shot again. The village has lived in the blockade: the three rings of police surrounded closures, no one shut out, no one produced. Some parents sent their children to school in the morning, but their half-way back home. By the afternoon of people were evacuated from their homes.

- We shoot. Again shoot - they shouted at the tube phones. - At this time, all serious.

At this time, indeed, everything is a serious nowhere.

Another morning in the village resumed voyuyuschem special operation to destroy the militia, there were 300 law enforcement officers. In fact, she and the night did not stop. Zasevshih in private homes fighters blocked. But they moved to the third house. Bandits are not surrendered - resisted with osterveneniem. Took a circular defense, set up firing points and five of them were shooting at policemen. In the early hours killed two omonovtsev one sobrovets, and another two wounded and one missing. Among the militants also have losses. Of the six blocked gang of bandits destroyed.

Up to four morning night MGLU pronzali outbreak automatic bursts. Later on, all stihlo. The military waited podmogi - Hankaly to the scene of fighting left extra armor.

- Why not shturmuete home? In fact, according to some sources, the rebels can move.

And from our side has already lost - terebili journalists of all staff involved in special departments.

- It has been suggested that the hostage vahhabitam to hit civilians - meet operating on duty. - Action may be eight people. And they are well prepared, since the day leading the battle.


Such special - to destroy the local militia in host homes - in Russia, particularly in the North Caucasus are not so long ago.

adapted heavy equipment, and the house razed, along with all who are there. This kind of action taken place in Dagestan and Ingushetia, and, of course, in Chechnya. The experience that we have borrowed from Israel.

According to some reports, the same day in conjunction with Tukuy-Mektebskoy similar operation took place in several locations Stavropol and Karachayevo-Cherkessia, but the press service for the UK GUVD information refused to give - no, they say, on the ground there. В«Everything went to the frontВ», probably.

And at this time

In the Stavropol region, under the protection of life have all facilities, markets, airports, railway and bus stations.

Extra clothes police patrolled the streets of towns and villages. Particular attention - Kavminvod resorts, sanatoriums, boarding houses and bases of rest. Mineralnye Vody airport exhibited additional orders militia.


from Neftekumya to Chechnya less than half the hundreds of kilometers. In the mid 90-ies in a number of settlements Stepnovski and Stavropol regions Neftekumskogo great increase in the so-called Wahhabis, most of whom belonged to the so-called Nogayskogo battalion, together with the Chechen fighters attacked in 1999 in Dagestan. В«SpiritualВ», as a rule, were newcomers from Central Asia. Many shops and local houses of culture have turned into a mosque - was held between the old division of the Islamic faith (traditionally propoveduemoy ancestors Nogai) and the new has come. Then overdue major conflict between old and young people - the elderly no longer put in the mosque. In places where you need to pray now stored literature - including instructions on how to blow up armored personnel carriers, as the stretch stretching, etc., and sometimes weapons. At the same time, began to leave the troubled regions of the Russian-speaking inhabitants, and his successor were to come from residents of the neighboring republics. By night raids, the bandits in the past six months and only in the Neftekumsk district killed the head of the school adjacent to Tukuy-Mektebom aul Kayasula Vyacheslav Holshevnikova, his wife - a teacher of biology Holshevnikovu Hope, the former inspectors Kayasulinskogo police, pensioner Murat Yahyaeva and neftekumskogo entrepreneur Dzhentomira Sultanova .

from the scene

В«We are accustomed to the neighborhood militiasВ»

- In Neftekumsk until all quietly - told us at the head of the district administration Neftekumskogo Michael TOVCHIGRECHKO. - Tukuy-Mekteb from us in the 85 kilometers. Communication is not, someone is very difficult to reach - mobile phones do not work. As it was not too wired to call. Answering machine answered all the same: В«line overloadedВ». ATS Tukuy-Mekteb village is situated at a distance of three hundred meters from the last houses. As time there was a third ring closures.

- Our employee linear operator Zaret Abdulhalykov went to work and constantly monitor them for us at least some, but was - told the chief Neftekumskogo node Mikhail Stolyarov. - In the three channels of communication, so while talking on the phone provodnomu are only three people. And since seven o'clock in the morning, all who have phones, began to call. Relatives have asked each other, are all still alive? But the station do not have to miss all the calls.

to call in a neighboring village - Mahmoud-Mekteb, which is 12 kilometers.

- All we know is that in two or three houses surrounded by special-Wahhabi militants - told us a resident Mahmoud-Mekteba Vera Magomedova. - What they natvorili, we do not know. Heard yesterday evening, hours of 9 or 10, as two babahnulo. Probably, they are blowing up a bomb! By the way, just one and a half weeks ago, we were in the village was also cordon. Spetsnazovtsami bus came from, but what happened to us, no one explained. Now we all feel in the village, there is no panic. Classes in schools were not canceled, people are working.

- even fall in one of the houses sat Yamangoy this was the case. She delivered the apartment to people who have been militants. And special during their operations disrupted, - said a resident of the village Achikulak (located 30 km from Neftekumsk). - I do not understand why around this razduli sensation. For us, the inhabitants Neftekumskogo area, it has long ceased to be a novelty. It is constantly one or the other house occupying militants. Of course, this is not found soon. And on my street lived a family В«borodachaВ». And the neighbors could see perfectly, as out of the house brought boxes of ammunition. And then the head of the family suddenly disappeared, and after a while sehala his entire extended family. We have a lot of Caucasians: dargintsev, Nogai, laktsev, Chechens. How to understand which of them vahhabit and who is not?


Boestolknovenie, which began on Thursday about 15 hours, went up to 13 hours Friday.

It killed 7 Russian soldiers and 6 fighters. But the stripping of В«nehoroshemВ» village, where a few days earlier in the mosque were found portable radio with spare set of power, Kalashnikov assault rifles and grenades, are continuing. Ongoing and checking suspicious persons and addresses of all Stavropolskomu edge. It turned out that the militants were found in the village Tukuy-Mekteb Neftekumskogo area, participated in the battles against the federal forces in Chechnya, and there in his time training. It turns out that in the past two years, residents Neftekumya on Civil shodah demanded to replace the three mosques imams, who were engaged in the promotion of extremism and promoting bandformirovaniyam.


Yesterday, the press service GUVD Stavropol region revealed the names of three dead:

Lieutenant Eugene Harchenko 1981 rub.,

Sergeant Vladimir Bubnov 1984 rub.,

Warrant Officer Andrei Silin, 1974 p.

One of them was fatally wounded at the outset of the operation, when the rebels only opened fire on a group capture. The second gunmen fired from grenade podstvolnogo.

Central neftekumskoy hospital now are two victims, according to doctors, this special Denis Agaryshev - it's in the intensive care unit and Yuri Korneev - he was taken into surgery. In the same hospital were brought dead Silin and Harchenko. But, as they say in UFSB of the SC, these figures are not yet final.

Natalya Korniyenko, Alla VLAZNEVA, Vera SHERSHNEVA, Tatiana SIDORCHENKO.

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