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Bishop Feofan against same-sex marriage.

In the Stavropol a press conference with the Bishop of Stavropol and Vladikavkazskim Feofanov, where the main topic of discussion, it was his election to the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Some answers bishop surprised even journalists. For example, his opinion on the tragedy, which occurred in Chelyabinsk soldier Andrei Sychev.

- At the meeting of the Public Chamber, this issue was not discussed - explained Bishop. - Assessment should give law enforcement agencies. Not the news that there is bullying. But with the way the whole situation has evolved, I fundamentally disagree. Again antiarmeyskaya hysteria come off again - all in the military badly. After that, any mother would do everything possible to her son in the army not to go. I will speak in the Public Chamber, that we must not allow hysteria. Do not send the army of those ugly creatures! Our society - this is where the root of problems.

Hotline - for global issues

Public Chamber should protect the interests of the people to call their credibility. In this regard, we have learned from the bishop Theophanes, calling citizens to telephone hotline, which recently appeared in Stavropol?

- Yes, but mostly with issues of private character - Feofan said. - We would like the issues have been consolidated, and are useful for all residents of the province. For example, a woman recently asked about the fact that her son had fought in Chechnya, he lost his leg, and here it is two years, beating that he was finally appointed a pension. And now I, as a member of the Public Chamber preparing an appeal to the Minister of Defense on this occasion.

Vladyka В«turned brainsВ» Italians

- met yesterday at Kavminvodah with Italians - told Bishop Feofan. - They came specially to meet me in the framework of joint cooperation in the rehabilitation center in Beslan. And I am deliberately, I repeat, specifically showed Kislovodsky church, and at the temple - clinic Krestovozdvizhenskuyu church and its church building in the kindergarten, took on the mountain between Kislovodskom and Essentukami and showed them the building of a monastery with a beautiful shell orphanage. They ahnuli. They say, listen, we have all the brains perevorachivayutsya. On the Caucasus in the West say only one thing: war, blood, violence, terrorism. And you have - life!

Selyan can not be produced in the city

- We need to raise the issue of selyanine - Feofan firm said. - Today, I see abandoned farm fields, the mud coming peasant grandmothers, past the war, which now bear the vyazanku wood. This is wrong, and it also concerns the Public Chamber. We need to examine the legislation. We must make sure that the roots are maintained, in order not to lose touch with pupovinoy. Selyanin should remain selyaninom.

define the limits of tolerance

By the way, the bishop of Stavropol and Vladikavkazsky Feofan entered the Commission on Tolerance and Freedom of Conscience in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. In this regard, he is going to raise the issue of determining the boundaries of tolerance.

- Liberalism must not become a liberal totalitarianism - said Bishop. - Here, for example, the Council of Europe adopts a recommendation to all its members to adopt legislation that would prinuzhdalo citizens to be tolerant of same-sex marriage, the sex minorities. I say that this is a sin unforgivable and I will come and say that we have adopted legislation, and you do not have a right to say so, you podlezhite court. And it is already adopted by the Council of Europe to date. We are in the Public Chamber must express the views of the majority ...


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