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Sex scandal in the "not born beautiful."

Schedule filming the popular TV series "not born beautiful" very hard. Actors who have to be on site from 10 am to 12 am, but this series and live - for the rest of them are simply not enough time.

Moreover, some actors have found their happiness on the set of series. According to rumors, actor Gregory Antipenko, who plays the role of Andrei Zhdanov, secretly met with the actress Julia Takshinoy, she also works in this series. Takshina plays the role of the secretary Zhdanova - vzdornoy Vicki Klochkova. In parallel with this work, Julia learns WTU them. BV Shchukin. The role of Vicki - this is the first work in the film the young actress.

Under scenario series relationship between Vikoy and Zhdanovym not arise.

He refers to his secretary cautious, because it is the best friend of the bride and all the time, spy on them. In addition, Vicat glupovata and Zhdanova nothing to talk with her. In tone voices Andrew, when he turns to her, always skvozit leniency. But in life quite differently.

Julia Takshina girl is very beautiful, it is not surprising that Greg Antipenko drew attention to it. Especially since he had an excellent opportunity to consider the modalities of their colleagues. According to rumors, Julia Takshina previously worked at the strip club "Diamond Girls", where she acted under the pseudonym Bagira. Julia was so beautiful that it was invited to pull one of the most popular glossy magazines. Open photos of the same picture, easy to find on the Internet. The Internet also can be found and archived video of one of the programs Muz-TV, which previously had Oscar Kuchera. In this transfer Julia goes to the studio in a thin linen kruzhevnom.

so that anyone can behold the beauty of one of the heroines of "not born beautiful."

on the set with a very different image of Julia - colleagues knew her as a humble and quiet girl who does not like to attract attention. And Antipenko outside shooting process is trying to stay very cautiously. However, those who work side by side, long seen what indifferent attitudes actors send one another. Sometimes George takes Julia's hand, very rarely hugs her in humans. And in the intervals between the shootings, they go somewhere together. While the actors prefer to hide their relationship.

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