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In February, Stavropol zahlestnet a new wave of protests.

В«Come on Sunday, January 29, at the prospect of Karl Marx, 94 - all of whom do not care about the future of our city and our children!В».

These leaflets distributed to the members of the public movement В«Protest CommitteeВ» eve of the rally, which took place in front of the administration Stavropol. Citizens protesting the construction lawlessness in the regional center, this time expanded the range of issues, claims against local uprave.

- now we will not only require to put in order izurodovannye squares, return stolen from residents of apartment property - land and playgrounds, we believe that current rates of utilities greatly exaggerated, officials failed to comply with certain provisions of the new Housing Code - told the correspondent of В«KPВ» head of the movement against illegal construction Stavropol Igor MARKELOV.

at the door of the city В«White HouseВ» at this time, gathered more people than organizers had expected the rally. And the ranks of the protesters, the bulk of whom are retirees, increased the average age of people and even young people.

- I am a student of the Faculty of History - portrayed Oleg Sokolov. - Personally, I am building lawlessness is not touched. But I think this is just yet. Indeed, already at the adjacent house on Lenin Street have begun to cut down trees.

As usual, В«komitetchikovВ» actively supported the Communists, came from activists and other public associations.

What have been able to make six months ago spontaneously committee?

Did anything in razvorochennyh construction equipment yards stavropoltsev? This issue correspondents В«KPВ» asked the participants to the current protests. The answer is not surprised: В«NoВ». Oral authorities confirm their mistakes, but no written statements, the abolition of unlawful orders and not followed.

- We do not write the resolution on the ten pages - admitted leading the rally, Vasily Bolgov.

- useless to list all articles that they violated.

our last hope for a commission in Moscow, which promised to send. And yet ... Kozak requested the regional prosecutor's office to look. But how does this prosecutor's office, we also know. That wait for all the responses to our inquiries and we will go to Moscow. The president should see to whom he works. Let him to decide: either it makes the order in the country, including in the Stavropol, or helps the power that it discredits the case.

the meantime,

In February, activists protest movements are awaiting a new flurry of rallies and pickets. The reason - a sharp rise of services utilities.

- Here are afraid that we will pay 100% of all kommunalku - vozmuschalas at a rally pensioner Natalya Sergeyeva - so for five years, we have to pay the full. We have a family of four people and only pay for water is 330 rubles a month. And this is only half price, as we take a 50% discount. A gas altogether 1190 rubles vykladyvaem.

Under the new Housing Code, in January, residents of apartment buildings will be required to pay heat in the months when it is received warmly. Now, in the summer of public kvitochkah Box В«heatingВ» simply will not happen. But how people behave when they see a new amount of heat, hard to say. For example, a family of four living in a two-room apartment, instead of 750 rubles will now be given twice as much - 1400.


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