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«You in fact know how to operate in rezidenture?».

One thousand journalists, photographers and television osazhdala Vladimir Putin's nearly three and a half hours.

first two hours of the president's annual press TV showed the entire country, the rest of the time interviewee and journalists sekretnichali.

The Kremlin was the so-called big press conference by the president.

Vladimir Putin's current communication with the press - postponements. According to unofficial rules of the Kremlin, the press conference was held last year, because it deals with follow-up is 2005. But then it shifted because of the «tight schedule of the President».

Thus, the sixth year in office, Putin met with the fifth press conference.

In this case, the presidential press conference was used bold know-how. Televizionschiki with two government channels «Russia» and the «First», which are traditionally live with such activities, we decided not to spend too much time on the president. Live ended promptly at 14.00 by the President: «Live interrupted, we will continue». Continued, according to the correspondent of «Gazety.Ru», another hour and a half (of the closed country of the press conference «çÁÚÅÔÁ.Ru» tell later).

president began with a brief report on the economic situation in the country (an increase of foreign reserves, the stabilization fund the government), then called the three most important, in his view, the political outcome of 2005.

from such three: the formation of the Public Chamber, the development and adoption of a law on the participation of parties in the appointment of governors, as well as the completion of the formation of government in Chechnya (here the president was referring to the November election of the Chechen parliament ).

Start actually communicating with journalists, it was comical. By zavedennoy Kremlin tradition now in its third year in a row, the right of first preference newspaper «Six hundred», the same reporter. For example, the last time «Six hundred» said the president would not be there to rescue the Russian Public Chamber horticulture and gardening. All laughed, and a Public Chamber, which now, as it turned out, was mainly the result of 2005, but no longer remembered. At this time a journalist interested in the prospects of privatization gardens.

second question, too, was as if the cuff. Then a correspondent for the newly public money propaganda channel Russia Today (RT). This project is coined as a competitor to Western news channels and at least with regard to the president of Western rivals RT today bypassed. The question was asked on the topic «G», in which Moscow now has to preside.

In response, the president allowed himself the first aphorism (all of them will be two).

«A dog barks, the caravan is», - he said to those experts who called the West to keep Russia in «club eight» because of violations of freedom of speech, political repression etc.

first issue on international issues, with just a very sharp, Putin was asked agency AR.

Here, the president allowed himself the first rudeness (of them had two).

At issue is combined support of Russia in Uzbekistan after what happened in Andijan, with the European orientation of Moscow, the president cut off: «We are better than you know what happened in Andijan!». What happened there, he, however, has not said. However, outlined his understanding of the interests of Russia in Central Asia. According to Putin, in Moscow in the region, «do not need a revolution but evolution needs».

second rudeness president allowed himself exactly when it came to other friendly States - Belarus. France Presse correspondent in the issue is too often used the word «support Lukashenko regime», that Putin probably pokorobilo. «This is not support, as you say, treatment and support to the brotherly people». This is Putin seemed low, and at the end of the answer, he again ukolol French word that the Russians with Belarusians binds much more than the French.

part of Putin's foreign policy responses covered two more topical themes: the relationship with Ukraine on the gas issue and the elections in the Palestinian Authority.

when we talk about Ukraine, but that was three times, Putin has allowed a second aphorism of the day. «We are not the price of the nose winkle out», - said gosudarstvoa claims about the price of Russia to Ukraine.

With regard to Palestine, the president made an important statement, which is the world's Agency immediately conveyed marked «urgent». He called on the extremist Hamas movement (Putin stressed that Moscow had never recognized this terrorist organization) to recognize Israel's right to exist. Now it is the main requirement of the international community to the new Palestinian government, with such a requirement were already George W. Bush and Angela Merkel.

to questions on domestic policy the president answered, where boring, they obviously did not look the main today. Questions about the new power vertical and the appointment of governors actually remained unanswered: «I am pleased with how the system works». «At least now we have at the head of the regions will not be people with three convictions», - Putin has hinted at nizhegorodtsa Andrew Klementeva, which was recently put in vnos SIzo.

Pro successor, Putin also said nothing specific had been: «A lot of decent people».

Provokatsionno looked issue «BBC» on the future of the recently disclosed British spies in Moscow. However, over all the laughter. Putin said that none of them is not going to expel Moscow: «Let sit here took place in rezidenture ... Because you know how to operate in rezidenture ?..». The President smiled. He knew.

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