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Demon and jeans.

Left series В«The First CircleВ» based on a novel by Alexander Solzhenitsyn to the madness of Stalin and jeans.

By interesting coincidence, В«The First CircleВ» was released in the midst of the scandal, after the ensuing European Parliament resolution condemning the communist regime. So the premiere screening starodavnego novel came unexpectedly relevant, that added weight to the already considerable event: the first domestic production of the main Soviet dissidents and Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

In the epigraph to the publication of 1990, the author compares the fate of the novel В«The Master and MargaritaВ»: saying, mutilated the book, then restored, it is like that - censorship.

Surprisingly, fate, and here pozabavilas - ekranizirovali books literally a row, the two - on television, the two - by serious respectable directors. Well, get it seems.

Here are the views of Michael Afanasievich we know we can not, as Alexander Isaevich staging liked. Well, nice - are overcome, deserved, lived.

If someone suddenly has forgotten the main place of action is В«sharashkaВ» in Marfino, which sat himself Solzhenitsyn. Her sideltsy engaged in research in the field of telephony, are involved in the investigation very unpleasant episode. A member of the Foreign Ministry, to learn that Soviet intelligence agents must obtain from their American agents, materials for the atomic bomb, called a phone-machine in the United States Embassy and handed over spies. There is a recording of his voice, and zekam scientists need to identify the traitor on samples provided by IHB. In the yard - in 1947.

Doslovnost and awe, it seems, are a creative way ekranizatsy. Roman pereskazyvaetsya hard, with a few modifications in the text in favor of dohodchivosti. Lacunas fill the internal monologues of the characters and voice-text, which reads Solzhenitsyn himself. Good reading. Every little things like denim jackets, suddenly ukrasivshih forties, leaving zlopyhatelem - not dzhinse case. Mizanstseny written, actors hlopochut person, Mironov as Gleb Nerzhina no better and no worse than in any other form is very Pevtsov diplomats.

Zeki hotly discussing the eternal and shyly - to babah, citizens-nachalnichki quake in pursuit, and above all these towers Stalin in the performance of Igor Kvasha, like not even on the crazy dictator and, at Via in jacket and pipe.

scene, in which the Minister Abakumov (splendid work by Roman Madyanova), lifting Brovki house, asked the leader to return the death penalty, as the leader, indecent raspalyayas of future torments the people, promises to return, promises new clean, new dates, whereas the political peredachki food ban - is a pure Day Watch. What, however, is in line with the spirit and letter of the novel.

But prorastanii work in the new, so to speak, find their zanyatnye things. It seems that the dissident mifologichno minds, by their very nature. Even though its Bulgakov and ambiguous, but the opposition is composed В«The Master and MargaritaВ». If researchers are right to recognize the creative writer, claiming to Voland - this is like Stalin, in the short time we were two ways of Great Helmsman, both rather phantasmagoric. And this demonicheskaya figure - an adequate contrast with the same conditional ustalomu the winner of fascism, which is the leader of a new patriotic movies.

Solzhenitsyn - just one of shtyku priravnyavshih pen, and his books have played a role in the collapse of the USSR, and that this was followed. Is this good or bad, one can argue. But Solzhenitsyn, composing a detailed study of freedom and lack of freedom, was quite adequate to the era of high pressure. Today, his view seems too easy, simply because the pressure eased, and an opportunity to calmly deal with the past.

Well, you can remember other В«dissentingВ» - Strugatsky, have chosen a very different way, and their sententsiyu: В«The future is built by us - but not for usВ».

Kostylev Anton

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