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Krasny Sulin went dry.

In the Rostov region has remained a city without water. Because of the accident, caused by severe frost, there is no water in their homes, where tens of thousands of people.

Half of them are saved with the help of artesian wells. The rest of the water brought in tanks. The city built a new water pipe.

complete disconnection of water supply occurred in the town of Krasny Sulin, Rostov Region. The magnitude of the accident that occurred on Tuesday evening, it became clear only in the morning of Wednesday, when it turned out that quickly returned to the 43 thousandth city water can not be. The main water pipe, which supplies water to the Red Sulin Sokolinskogo from reservoirs, frozen to death during tridtsatigradusnyh frosts. The point is that a length of 14 km water supply was not under the ground, but on the surface. Earlier in the Red Suline already have problems with zamerzaniem pipe.

As В«Gazete.RuВ» the press service of the Department for the Prevention of Emergency Administration of Rostov region, the accident occurred Tuesday evening at the 450-meter section of the aqueduct neotaplivaemom, which passes through Krasnosulinskogo steelworks. During the intense cold the plant did not work. Gradually, the pipe diameter of 800 mm promerzli. Otogret not even helped the efforts of local kommunalschikov, who for three days for warming the pipe with the help of flammable materials. On Tuesday, around 18.00, when the volume of water consumption by citizens was minimal, the site permanently frozen water pipe.

Without water and the heat was almost half the entire population of the Red Sulina, in its central part, which is home to 21 thousand people.

On the outskirts of the residents of private homes have moved to the consumption of water from artesian wells, reported В«Gazete.RuВ» representatives of local authorities.

To avoid possible casualties and massive hypothermia, as a matter of urgency was the introduction of water for fire fighting vehicles in 12 cities boiler - thus maintained in the homes of warmth. As reported in the regional department for emergency situations, drinking water, residents are brought nine trucks - they have taken water from artesian wells and razvozyat in the central regions of the Red Sulina. As the situation can not cope in the near future, the authorities would increase the number of tanks supplied with water, after they pass sanobrabotku.

According to authorities, despite the cold and lack of water for two days, the victims and obmorozhennyh in the city do not.

At sogrev zaledenevshego water, according to experts, will take a few days. Frozen pipes warm using wood and burning tires. If in the near future in the pipes will continue to ice, then replace them with new ones. But the whole process can take a long time - people can be frozen.

therefore urgently in the city built a new water supply, it must return to the Red Sulin water and heat.

According to preliminary estimates Emergency Department staff, the water supply system will be ready for operation within two days. Water in the house has already promised to put on 29 January.

the meantime, residents fleeing the city as they can. Schools and kindergartens are closed Red Sulina, all the children were released home. The city hospital has operated in normal mode, the tank with water, the clinic provides the necessary reserves.

If the two days the water did not appear in the cranes and batteries, the authorities have developed a special plan for the evacuation.

the first to arrive for hospital patients. They are in an emergency perevezut to hospitals nearby town of Shakhty. The remaining twenty thousand inhabitants, as expected in the administration of the region, not frozen uspeyut and remove them from the city do not have to. Meanwhile, the temperature on the streets of the Red Sulina stood at around-30C. And soon the cold increase.

Recall that due to the severe frosts in other regions of Russia, despite the start of the warming continues frequent accidents in the housing sector. One of the latest emergency occurred near Moscow city Shcherbinka where the previous night without heating were 125 homes. Now heat restored. On the same day in the town of Tolmachevo Leningrad region in an accident at vodovode without central heat left eight houses, which are home to 305 people, 25 of them - the children. Now on the site of the accident are carried out repair work.

Vladislav Kulikov

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