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Where to look for a suitable groom Stavropol.

It has been said than a desperate woman trying to prove their uniqueness, the less it is suitable for men.

Armed with this wisdom, we decided to consider, if not all, there are many options for self-search for the bridegroom. If sitting at home and suffer, it is unlikely that you would be the case with someone to meet you. Not a victim, so to speak, is looking for a sniper. And lovtsa and the beast running. So where is this found in the Stavropol «sponsors» or simply standing men, and how much we, Cinderella, will cost hunting for them?

Armed with city map, we connected friends who know the institution Stavropol, where it is possible to find a potential life. Marked all the places crosses. And then began bypassing.

At night clubs

The easiest way to get acquainted with the young man - this is to go to a disco in a night club (the entrance fee - from 100 to 250 rubles and above) or a cafe. Places where tusuetsya Stavropol youth, this «Tovarischch», «Diva», «Jazz Bar», «Doris», «Capital», «Malinari», «New Rome» (club), «Impreza», «Skar», « Blockbuster »,« Niva »,« Neil »,« Adrenalin rush »,« Flash ». That man, who in the bus or on the street from the window of his navorochennogo «Meurs» could only watch with sorrow you followed, under the influence of music, strong drink, dance will be easy to contact.

Feedback women constantly attending these institutions to meet tolstosumy «Impreza», «Malinari», «New Rome» (restaurant) and a bowling club «Pharaoh». And visiting these cheap places, they both protect themselves from the attack on their hands and hearts of poor zolushek. Visiting here - not for the average purse. And if you want none other than Mr zolotopuz, you'll need some time to save up money for «ticket».

most democratic «Tovarischch», «Capital», «Adrenalin rush», «Neil» - this crowd in the main students. And a contingent of their polar opposite. If the «capital» and «Neil» razbitnye fans go pop, mostly immigrants from the edge of area, feel free to directly express their desires, then «Tovarischche», «Adrenalin rush» collected indigenous stavropoltsy more restrained and selective in its requirements .

Tuda not go - go here

But in a casino, billiard walk for zhenihami hardly worth - the money spent will nemereno, but the effect is unlikely to occur - in these establishments, people are gambling and are not adjusted for any flirt, or to a serious relationship. The same applies to the stadiums.

dancing without alcohol?

also sometimes. Palace of Culture Club is named Gagarina «Who thirty», with more than a young person here is not exactly empty, well, if only wrinkles podrisovat. All because this man is already in a big deficit. The women even have to dance with women.

For particularly serious

If you can not tolerate the noise and discotheques, and money for the entrance to the nightclub, you do not scrape, then there is the option for you. Go to the Film club, and even in scientific or literary workshop - all these activities are conducted in the Regional Library of Lermontov. It can be argued, to exchange views and, ultimately, find themselves, if not a future wife, then a good friend, and, most likely, well-educated and erudite. Just do not assume too clever and forbidding appearance. Interesting musical evenings are held in the Stavropol Regional Philharmonic, and at a music school number 1, but single men they meet infrequently, but what the music ...

in a comfortable silence

If you are not an amateur dance and pandemonium, it is possible to call, for example, «sommelier», ordered a glass of good wine. Here you can meet and small-ranking officials and businessmen, and a lover to drink. Age regular visitors - 30 - 40 years. Nice to sit and «Theater» - the truth is usually collected by those who have already found a couple. But there are single.

For the young, but poor

best time - student years. It was while studying at universities is usually the fate of most of his youth. But at the same time and receive higher education. This is the largest stavropolskie universities - SevKavGTU, MSP and SGAU. But there must be more active and able to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Girls do better at the «malchisheskie» faculties, but it does not try to be «their man».

and benefit from, and with the mind, and with the bride (alternative safe)

Psychologists advise forge contacts in places where people involved in sports. You will have the opportunity to see the same people and talk to them, allegedly on what not pretending. Just to show how a particular candidate ponravivshemusya its incompetence in building muscles. And then, when he will explain how his side approached trainers innocent pat eyelashes, and in the bag. Luckily, gymnasiums in Stavropol several in each area. The cost of a month - from 600 to 1000 rubles. What prestizhnee fitness club, the more likely long-awaited meeting with the «sponsor», a future husband. If you live in the center, you can even call in the pool «Yunost» (12 hours - from 800 rubles). Learn to watch, what time classes are held corporate groups financially stable organizations and priurochte by this time your arrival. Do not forget to pick up on such an occasion seductive swimsuit.

This option - safe. Even if the hunt for the groom fails (I was not worthy!), Then your postroynevshaya give you a figure of self-confidence and will push to new heights.


Even if you have not yet met with his unique, do not worry - everything is just beginning. Only believe and do not give up - go ahead, change yourself, change the (time) to work, place of residence and the environment - and you sure are lucky!


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