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Russia marks the Day of the student, and Tatyana's Day.

Today all Russian students celebrate the holiday - the Day of the student. Yet this day to be known as Tatyaninym.

What Tatyana is to the students? Yes, as it turned out, the most direct. January 25, has long been considered a holy day of Tatiana. And on this day, January 25, 1755, Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, at the request of Count Ivan Shuvalov signed the decree "On the establishment of the Moscow University." Day of the signing of the Adjutant General, Shuvalov has chosen not by chance - he wanted to make a gift to his mother Tatiana Petrovna on the day of her name.

be fair, it should be noted that this year's Student Day observed in 251 times.

However, officially the holiday is celebrated in Russia only the second time. A year ago, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a decree on that January 25 would henceforth be celebrated as a day student, which won a special love for Russian students.

main celebrations scheduled, of course, at MSU. Today at 16:00 at the University held a solemn assembly of all students. As reported NewsInfo at MSU, will arrive at the event and senior people. For example, among the guests this year will be Mironov, Luzhkov, Polueva, and also the rector of Moscow State University. Following the official reception of the time traditional raspitiya medovuhi. This will be purely symbolic raspitie.

Of course, the main celebration of the students will start outside of Moscow State University. Students in the day, you can understand. This is their only holiday of the year, and noted it has to be correct, so to speak, in studencheski.

understand this, thank God, and the police. There have already indicated that all the students on that day will include loyal, even if the student will be very drunk (most likely). But it was pointed out that gross violations of public order will be punished. And these students will expect severe punishment, despite the holiday.

By the way, do not think that the Student Day marked only in Moscow.

This beautiful holiday went far beyond Moscow and the Moscow State University.

Now, he notes, and throughout Russia. In many cities of our homeland neobyatnoy students seeking noted his "career" with a large scale celebration. For example, in the city of Krasnoyarsk, under the patronage of the local governor today will be the annual Governor's Ball. But in Nizhny Novgorod today to choose the best Tatiana among 11-representatives of Nizhny Novgorod universities. In Vladivostok, all students can go to the movies for only 50 rubles. And in Pskov in the main square for students of higher educational institutions make a real show.

Russian Orthodox Church does not want to sit on the sidelines of the festival.

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II will head today worship the day on which the celestial patron of the Russian students in the holy martyr Tatiany Domovoi temple MSU. Along with the liturgy will come to serve the priests - the graduates of the Moscow University.

Alexey Nikolaev

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