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Putin opened the Turkmen Front against Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin and Niyazov agreed to cooperate in the energy sphere. From the outcome of Russia and Turkmenistan directly to the future of Ukrainian industry.

At a meeting in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin has supported the initiative of Saparmurat Niyazov В«to strengthen the development of bilateral relations in the field of extraction and transportation of oil and gasВ». В«I have the strongest support your proposal to expand our cooperation, bearing in mind the transportation and production of energyВ», - the head of the Russian state, once again, noting that В«the most important sphere of Russian-Turkmen cooperation - this energyВ».

In this matter, the presidents expressed their unanimity. В«Turkmenistan is clearly cooperate with Russia in dealing with major energy projects, the participation of Turkmenistan in the joint supply of gas, and miningВ», - Putin assured Turkmenbashi. In conclusion, the President of Turkmenistan stressed that the В«accepted the invitation with pleasure, becauseВ« you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, to take care of our joint cooperation В».

Causes of Vladimir Putin's concerns about gas supplies from Central Asian republic is quite clear: in 2004 between Russia and Turkmenistan signed an agreement for 25 years, under which Russia should be 2 trillion cubic meters of gas. Central Asian gas under a contract with RosUkrEnergo buys Ukraine. But the recurring friction over energy prices. Thus, the 2006 price for Russia is defined at the level of $ 65 per thousand cubic meters. But earlier the president of Turkmenistan stated that in 2007, В«the normal cost of raw materialsВ» should be the price at $ 80-85 per thousand cubic meters.

Experts agree that the adjustment of gas tariffs by Niyazov seems fair. В«Given the current world energy prices gas at $ 85 per thousand cubic meters - that's OK, - said analyst Ray, Man & Gor Securities Anton Rubtsov. --

another matter that the Russian-Turkmen gas agreement long ago moved to the political stage, and to evaluate them solely to the economic side is not quite true В».

increasing gas prices, Turkmenistan in this situation could help the Kremlin pressure on the official Kiev. At the same time Niyazov operates solely in the interest of Turkmenistan. Western states agree to Ashgabat has no basic values. In addition to accuse Niyazov of geopolitical games can not be formal. Turkmenistan raises gas prices gradually, unlike the В«GazpromВ».

The Russian gas monopoly to comment on a possible increase in the cost of Turkmen natural gas declined.

Under existing agreements, higher prices will eventually hit Ukraine.

В«In this situation,В« Gazprom В»with much greater ease will increase in the price of Turkmen gas, as it is in fact the whole redeemed Ukraine - sure analyst IRВ« Prospect В»Dmitry Mangilev. - In general, В«GazpromВ» is the same as what would be the price, because almost goskompaniya will not receive profits from the resale of gas В».

But higher prices for natural gas is extremely painful impact on the economy of Ukraine, especially in the metallurgical and chemical sectors. And in this situation, Ukraine unlikely that anything can change. В«At the time of the gas dispute, Russia and Ukraine, the West has remained neutral, while not denying the equity price of $ 230 per thousand cubic meters, - said the deputy director of the Center for Political Technologies Alexei Makarkin. - The only thing that caused the dissatisfaction of Americans, this is a sharp transition to market prices. However, the situation with Turkmenistan increase to $ 85 well within the framework of a gradual transition to market economy. In addition, many countries in Eastern Europe have been a painful period of economic reform, and the EU simply can not understand why Ukraine should enter the EU in the hothouse environment В».

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