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Estonian presidential palace has become a stronghold of debauchery.

Arnold Rüütel "podstavili" his own granddaughter: 15-year-old Helena and 13-year-old Mary. Estonian Television showed orgies, which they staged at night in dedushkinoy residence.

Girls do not live with their parents, and in the palace along with the grandfather and grandmother-president - the first lady. To learn how to Helena and Maria spend their free time, one of the participants in the youth events in the presidential palace in detail on the air one of the rating of local television programs - "witness." In addition, in the hands of journalists caught up pictures in the photo, which gilded youth arranged during their entertainment. Young people in the photos and drink zakusyvayut, on the tables - Armenian brandy, rum and brandy. Many photographs - hookah. Anonymous unmasker, a person who has been hidden, said that is not sure at all one hundred percent, whether the smoke from the hookah anashu, but knows that many members brought drugs with them.

According to witnesses, one of the favorite entertainment of participants and parties have been attacks on the roof of the palace. There, young people urinated and danced around the state flag of Estonia.

adolescent entertainment in the presidential suites are sometimes involved up to 50 people. Before the main entrance to the palace is a honor, but in the side wing is a door, which could easily enter, knowing the code. According to the testimony of a young man, speaking in "Witnesses", almost all members of parties to know the code, a security service did not respond to adolescents, reeling across the palace. According to the young men, young people pyanstvovali at the table, where the president usually meets with foreign visitors. The curious can ÐÏËÏÐÁÔ?ÓÑ for office documents, were in the cabinet office of the president.

TV aroused tremendous scandal.

spokesman Eero Rauno president assured that the parties were limited to only the presidential headquarters. But the Security Police of Estonia reported that adolescents do not got any to any secret documents.

the president and his wife, Ingrid, who are now visiting the United States, expressed regret over the behavior of their vnuchek. "We regret what happened. From ourselves and our family, we apologize for what happened and ask rassuzhdayuschih on the topic of journalists and politicians balanced approach to this problem, given that children have already received a lesson."

Recall that a 77-year-old Arnold Rüütel, who became president of Estonia, with only a third attempt in 2001 to build its image in the patriarchal family values.

example, two years ago on his initiative had been tightened penalties for prostitution. Following the announcement of presidential prodelok vnuchek its image can be very dim in the eyes of the people.

Yefim Kravtsov

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