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Come to our Kolyma!.

28-year-old Alexei Mikhailov of Stavropol has appeared on reality show "Dom-2" channel, TNT, December 30 - just before the New Year.

He considers it a good omen - just really lucky to get on the project is emblematic of these days, then be able to stay long at the show and find true love

Hardly Alexei skull came to the place, he immediately confessed to liking to Inge Orlova. Inga But take your time to answer him reciprocate, and Alex quickly drew attention to another brand new participant - Oksana Ilinu. To the same from the girls finally get this nice guy and is it worth it to pursue its location?

- Andrew, who you did a really nice on the project?

- About love, of course, far too early to say, but I met this remarkable woman - Oksana Ilinu. We are already declared themselves as a pair and even managed to move into the vip-house. As long as we together very well. Let's see, how will the ...

- Alex, what you been up to the project? Where to live?

- in fifteen years, the parents took me to the North. We lived in the Magadan region, I studied there, in the Kolyma. By the way, despite all the jokes and prejudice to the edge, here are very kind and responsive people. So, no kidding, to come to us to Kolyma - if not the weather, the reception you will like it! But I have not lived there long, and the eleventh class graduated in the village school Stavropol region. With the gold medal. Without a single quartet.

- As a child you have something particularly fond of?

- Yes. I was in sports, was the champion of the Magadan region on the fight. Loved all the team championship. Always took part in the competitions.

- you may always be attracted to that?

- Yes. Very. None OIO, no school concert with me were not.

- Well, just massovik - zateynik! And A-grade, in addition.

- But I have had a negative quality! For example, I had the habit of always late to class! I even draznili for it! I do not know where I have this quality. Well another that never got in any serious trouble because of the its features.

- Life also agreed to associate with something kultmassovym?

- Oddly, no. I enrolled in the Institute for Economics. He graduated with him too, "red" diploma.

- Sports zabrosil not?

- None. I have continued to engage in the struggle. In parallel, began to get involved in dance - the Russians, the Caucasus. He was engaged to five years. And traveled to the regions and the competition.

- That is show business for you is not unusual?

- None. Then I served in the army, the troops. Incidentally, I am always afraid of heights. And there, as if I did not want this either, still had poprygat parachute. I served in the Novorossiysk. I there is still a lot of friends.

- What you started after the army?

- For three years I worked in the tax inspectorate. After the army had continued to engage in sports, social activities.

- In Moscow came specially for the "House-2"?

- Yes. And yet - to change their lives. When I worked in the tax, very ×ÌÀÂÉÌÓÑ. ÷ÌÀÂÉÌÓÑ so that lost his head. So strong are the emotions. Ready had been given to all for this girl. We met, separated, and in the end, we had to give up completely. She decided to go to another country. Since that time, all the variables. I lost interest in the work. And then went from there. "Dom-2" I was taught to look just my girl. And when she left, I decided to go here to find their love, and find themselves.

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