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A terrible fire in Vladivostok.

The dead in the fire likely was not.

Hospitals Vladivostok are 12 people, injured the day before in a fire in one of the office centers. Two of them - in critical condition. At the site of the tragedy is the investigative team. The causes of fire is not clear. In the province are prepared to undertake a thorough review of all fire safety systems.

the morning to the place of the tragedy have placed flowers and memorial candles.

Living in Vladivostok experiencing happened as its own grief. Yesterday's fire has claimed nine lives. With severe injuries and burns in hospitals in the city are still 12 people. Everyone needs assistance psychologist.

"People are in need of emergency assistance, provide psychological assistance. the victims and their relatives involved in center of psychotherapy," - said the head of intensive care unit hospital number 2 Vladivostok Valentin Shumatov.

Many victims need donated blood.

transfusion center - turn. On the call for help, hundreds of people responded. Svetlana Pintak agreed it is difficult to become a donor.

"At a time when the fire started, I passed the bus, saw people hanging on the balcony. I was very hard, my heart bleeds," -- she says.

on Tuesday at the scene of fire have continued investigations. There are specialists regional prosecutors, forensic experts. Burned to ashes classrooms and corridors, iskorezhenny metal - a picture to see the investigators. Another cause of the fire was unclear, but it is clear that the fire spread like lightning. Chance to save themselves from those who had been on the 8 th and 9 th floors, almost was not.

fire allegedly occurred at the 6 th floor. Stairs and an emergency exit. But, in violation of fire safety rules are stored archive. Besides all this obshito metal plates, and there was an iron door.

All the dead - Sberbank employees. His office has suffered the most.

activities of the bank in the city was virtually paralyzed for a day. Only in the late afternoon the next day was able to restore the computer center, which went all the charges.

"restored the activities of the Savings Bank on individuals. Now the work on payment of legal persons, have already started issuing statements", - said chairman of the Far Eastern Branch of Sberbank of Russia Valery Pletnev.

order to assist the victims and the families of those killed in the province opened a special account, which has already received the first donations.

Valery Taran

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