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Stavropolyu introduced a new police chief.

On Wednesday the board GUVD SC was a normal working agenda - the results of operational performance management bodies and units of the Interior of the Stavropol region in the first half of 2005.

And, of course, considering how to counter the crime in the second half. Yes this is only present on its board of police and journalists surely be remembered for at least the next few years. It was on her Say goodbye to the chief of the regional GUVD and met with the new. And so in some ways the change of epochs.

A new Chief GUVD SC deputy introduced. Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia Arkady Edelev (specially flew from Moscow to do so). This is what he said about the new shefe Regional Militia:

В«Vyacheslav Matveyev was born Nov. 9, 1958 in Omsk. Higher education. In 1994, he graduated from the Higher adyunkturu legal correspondence schools Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Doctor of Law since 1994. Prior to the appointment of the Chief GUVD UK is at the disposal of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, served as principal adviser to the Minister. Married with two children. Major-General since 2003 В».

From these few lines is difficult to see what changes take place now in the Stavropol police and the criminal world. Time will tell. But one variable we can say with confidence - the boundary of the guard in order this year will celebrate their professional holiday of 10 November, and on the day before (see the date of the birth of a new chief).

the meantime,

Lieutenant-General Alexander Saprunov, liberated from the post of Chief of the President in connection with his retirement, he worked in the Stavropol four years. A little bit. But for the time left on a good memory and colleagues managed to make friends with the press.

After the official part Saprunov Alexander told the press:

- I wish you success, the best. - I think that we are going to meet.

- Where? - With one voice exclaimed reporters.

- While in Stavropol - Saprunov replied mysteriously.


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