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In Stavropol January 1, born five girls and two boys.

The first day of the new year was held in the provincial maternity hospital relatively quiet. In the light of seven children. But December 31, doctors had to povolnovatsya.

- This new year has been for us and happy and busy one at a time. But the proud, we have - met the threshold correspondents В«KomsomolkiВ» doctors Stavropolski perinatal center. - We managed to save the lives of young people. It all happened can justly be called a miracle.

On the eve of a holiday in clinical perinatal center was a young woman from Mineralovodskogo area. December 31, the future mother, as usual, the doctors examined:

- When women are on monitoringovom observation, which tested her and the child, the doctor noticed in the development of child negative momentum. A threat otsloeniya placenta, resulting in a child could die. It was decided to repeat the examination after an hour. The state of mothers and children are still left much to be desired. Doctors worried that the baby was premature - 35-week period. But doctors still have to take risks. Nearly nine evening a young woman made a transaction. And then it turned out, this decision was correct. If the situation remained the same at least another hour, the child we would not have saved - told the correspondent of В«KomsomolkiВ» obstetrician-gynecologist maternity wards Stavropolski edge clinical perinatal center Marina SULEYMANOVA. A few days newborn girl was in intensive care, but right now, and my mother and her child feel much better.

New Year's Eve began to doctors Center relatively quiet. The first was a child crying only early in the morning.

- In the first day of the new 2006, was born seven children, of which only two boys, but girls as much five - added Almasovna Marina.

Incidentally, two years ago in the regional maternity hospital in the children born much more.

For stavropolchanki Helena Polyantsevoy long-awaited birth of daughter the first day of January has become a real gift:

- What could be better than giving birth, but that she was born on the first day of the year - double pleasure. For our whole family is a miracle. When I gave birth to their dochurku, looked into the street. Over the window there was snow. It was very nice. I think it's a good sign. His little girl we named Angelinoy, since the first of January - a holiday special, so the name chosen unusual. Angelina tune angel.

only numbers

As the doctors Stavropolski edge clinical perinatal center, last year in Stavropol was born more than five thousand children.


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