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AVIAN INFLUENZA or virus H5N1, what is it?.

√ї√Х√Н√Й√?√Б that erupted after the discovery of bird flu virus, code-named H5N1, is not relieved to this day.

Moreover, with an enviable regularity here and there are new alarming facts, budorazhaschie world. This raises the natural desire to understand what is happening and what is at stake.

After conducting its own investigation, found that H5N1 - is an RNA-containing influenza virus type of A.

By the way, many viruses that cause influenza in humans, are united as much in three kinds: A, B and C. A type of viruses are not unique to humans, but also for other mammals, and birds. These viruses were found, except for people with horses, pigs, cattle, chickens, ducks, turkeys, wild resident and migratory birds.

transmit the virus through airborne droplets. The point is that the virus characterized by a kind of a two-binding protein components. One is called gemagglyutinin and marked H, and another - neyraminidaza (N). There are 13 variations gemagglyutinina and 9 neyraminidazy. It is for these components of the virus is different from one another.

So H5N1 - is only one possible structure of the virus.

According to the experts in the field of virology, the problem is that influenza viruses are very volatile, and thanks to the recombination of numerous new strains of pathogens whose properties are unknown. That's what happened with the virus H5N1: it appeared, apparently as a result of mutation, but that from him to wait, no one knows. Of the multitude of constantly circulating strains at this time and this place is dominated, as a rule, only one: why - is unknown.

Clearly, now is the time of this variety. But another problem is that there is no and there can be no reliable forecasts of epidemics of influenza. Furthermore, according to the Veterinary Virology, all strains of influenza virus of birds kept in the structure neyraminidazu or bird or human, or horse origin. Therefore, from a biological point of view, a man not so innocent victim, because zhiveyshee took part in creating this monster, unwittingly, of course.

But, fortunately, all the experts unanimously agree that at a temperature of 65-70 ¬Ь C will kill the virus within 2-5 minutes.

Therefore, it is boiled and fried chicken meat is quite safe. And here in the frozen virus can persist up to 2 years. This is something that more or less known. But the situation raises some questions. Experts say bird disease that bird flu has badly, and the deaths from the disease may be as high as 50-100% depending on the properties of the causative agent (another reason for the bird flu called classical plague of birds).

However, reports of mass deaths of birds have appeared only recently. Therefore, the situation was similar to the truth, but given the pathogenicity (ability to cause disease) virus, the damage to the poultry industry must be more. In addition, there is a poultry vaccine against bird flu, and not one. Then is unclear what is happening. Whether it does not apply, whether against the strain, it is ineffective. This accounts for only guess, because no explanation can not give.

regularity with which the show is H5N1, also nastorazhivaet.

Secondly, it is not clear why this is a high mortality rate among people. There is even the opinion (or what is not based, among other things), which is notorious ¬ЂSpanish¬ї, destroyed at one time half of Europe was caused by the bird flu virus, too. But while such deaths can be attributed to the low level of development of medicine: even if antibiotics were not. And today it is puzzling. In fact, deaths from flu among mammals (including humans), an average of 1-5% of patients. And nobody has yet made intelligible answer to these questions. But that's not all the questions that arise.

With regard to recent reports that the U.S. has no bird flu virus, it is not true. At least since 1965, the virus release, but of turkeys, but periodic outbreaks in birds in the United States are registered, as well, and in many other countries. Perhaps it is not isolated H5N1, but who can guarantee that it's not there?

Therefore, analyzing the situation with bird flu virus in general and H5N1 in particular, you can definitely say that not everything is clear and understandable, and many simply do not converge.

Nikolay Babichev

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