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Avian influenza proklyunulsya in Turkey.

Turkey from bird flu deaths of two teenagers from the same family. Another 15 people hospitalized with suspected deadly disease.

Doctors raise the alarm: it is possible that the H5N1 virus mutated - and began to spread from person to person. If so, the world is waiting for a pandemic disease.

On Thursday the death of the person from avian flu was registered for the first time outside South Asia and China. In Turkey from the H5N1 virus died two teenagers. The first of them - 14-year-old Shaheen Ali Shaheen Koch - have died on 1 January in a local hospital. Previously, it was reported that the cause of his death became pneumonia. But on Thursday, Turkish newspapers reported that the worst suspicions were confirmed: the analysis revealed the presence in the blood of the boy's bird flu virus. A few hours later, it became known that the death of his 15-year-old sister.

Doctors suggest that the children ate infected chicken meat.

However, cases of two people in one family is nastorazhivaet doctors: World Health Organization (WHO) are still a few months ago, warned that the virus could mutate so that it would be transmitted from person to person, not just from birds. If these data are confirmed, then the world is waiting for a pandemic deadly disease, the victims of which, according to doctors, may be millions of people on Earth.

As reported in an interview with NTV television chief hospital south-eastern city of Van HГјseyin Avni Shahin, the Van hospital with suspected infection of H5N1 virus were nine people, including seven teenagers. В«We do not exclude that the number of deaths could rise, so turn on the extraordinary workВ», - he said.

According to Turkish television on Thursday, six people have been hospitalized with symptoms of bird flu.

In order to study the situation and take urgent measures to prevent an avian flu pandemic in the region, where the case was birds fly Turkish Agriculture Minister Mehdi Ecker and a group of experts, RIA В«News В». According to the Ministry, as soon as possible in the provinces Ygdyr and Aqrah begin culling poultry. Most likely, there will be introduced quarantine. The Governor of the province of Van Niyazi Tanylyr said in an interview with television channel CNN-Turk, in the framework of measures to prevent avian flu epidemic, there has already banned the sale and import of poultry in the province.

first avian influenza virus was detected in Turkey in early October 2005, in Balikesir province in the west. It was imposed quarantine, which was terminated on 9 December. At the end of December has been found yet another hotbed of the disease of poultry - in the border with Armenia province Ygdyr.

Georgian authorities fear the spread of avian influenza on the border with Turkey.

Minister of Labor, Health and Social Welfare of Georgia Vladimir Chipashvili and the head of the emergency headquarters to deal with avian influenza David Meshishivili on Thursday went to the Sarpi (adzharsky of the Georgian-Turkish border). As the Agency В«Novosti GeorgiaВ» Meskhishvili, В«the situation in Sarpi very alarming, headquarters received information on the possible beginning of the spread of a virus of avian influenzaВ». According to the head of the headquarters, perhaps in this territory will have to hold a set of emergency measures.

the eve of New Year's mass death of poultry in an unknown reason, was in the Crimea, in the village of Primorsky Feodoisa immediately on three poultry farms: В«BeachВ», В«YugagroВ» and В«PtitsekompleksВ». However, as reported on Thursday in the Central Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine, bird flu was not identified. At the same time, the final say on how the disease killed 40 thousand chickens, veterinarians, too, can not. Experts admit that led to the Moru В«banal epidemic cold chickenВ». On the death of the birds brought a criminal case, prosecutors determine whether the feathered race vaccinated against the disease. At the same time to prevent the spread of epizootics at the exit of the poultry farms are in quarantine office in nearby villages being podvornye rounds, people warned about possible dangers.

In mid-December, on the whole territory of Crimea was imposed quarantine on avian influenza. Then the case of poultry against the virus was detected in a half dozen settlements of the peninsula. The presence of N5N1 strain confirmed in the Crimea and the Russian London laboratory. A special team of experts has destroyed more than 60 thousand chickens, ducks and geese.

on Thursday became aware of the emergence of another hotbed of the disease: a few dozen chickens and ducks died in the town of Sun in the east of the autonomous republic. Sunny in the case of poultry from avian influenza virus has already been confirmed by laboratory tests.

In Russia, according to the Federal Service for veterinary and phytosanitary supervision (Rosselkhoznadzor) has registered one В«neblagopoluchnomuВ» village in the Astrakhan region and the republic of Kalmykia.

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