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Where in Moscow to live well.

"And from our window is visible Red Square ..." These famous lines today are unlikely to cause someone sincere envy.

Even if the Central area was lucky with a view from the window that is not often - it is clear that it will almost inevitably have to deal with problems such as poor ecology in the form of a lack of greenery, noise and air pollution as well as dilapidated housing, lack of parking lots and gas stations, supermarkets and sporting distance zones.

In the meantime, if you select and purchase an apartment is now in the concept of "quality of housing, which should correspond to the price You need to include not only the technology of construction, but also many other factors that are essential for comfortable living. What will surround your house? Can you admire the beautiful view and enjoy the open spaces of forests, or the water surface? It is nice to be open and not hear the noise of eternal traffic situation, and let the house of silence and a fresh breeze? Convenient if you park a car and do not account for every time to fight for a place under the sun, and then wade to the house through a tightly closed ranks of the other cars? How long will take to give a child in kindergarten, or pick up from school? Far away there would have to carry their child in the sports section? And if you want to do some shopping in the nearest store?

Fortunately, in the huge megalopolis, which is Moscow, there is room for a comfortable lifestyle. Yes, this is not the historic center (but who said that the center of the city - the best place to live?) And perhaps the way to work and home, takes somewhat longer, but agree that the convenience of living in a beautiful, clean, quiet, safe place that is .

This favorable for the life of the area of Moscow is now Strogino - an area located on the north-west of Moscow.

According to recent studies, Strogino recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly areas in Moscow. In recent years Strogino becoming more and more prestigious, construction of new homes increased comfort and infrastructure. This area - infrastructure and a convenient exit for three MKAD. Stroginskaya floodplain - one of the few places where you can engage in water sports, including yahtennym. This single fact speaks for the uniqueness and prestige of the area.

historic district Strogino actively built and zaselyalsya in the 1980's, thus allowing a certain homogeneity as age and social level of the population and quality of real estate.

Already in the early 1990's 1 square. m of housing in Strogino worth much more than in other districts the same distance from the center. Compare it to be only ëÒÙÌÁÔÓËÉÍ - simply because the latter has benefited from increased attention because of the neighborhood with a prestigious Rublevkoy.

prestige and popularity Strogino noticeable increase of the area in the metro line, which will open here in 2007, and according to experts, the cost of housing in the area increased dramatically.

Since mid-1990's Strogino is a comfortable area in which to live comfortably, to shop, relax and even work. It was at this time, a certain stratum of people who simply do not wish to change your area, even if there is an urgent need to improve housing conditions.

House business class to become erect Strogino later than in many other areas, which means they satisfy the current requirements. Underground garage, for example, is an essential feature of these houses. A special pride of the residents are beautiful views from the windows, not for nothing are the most liquid apartments on the upper floors.

In the metropolitan area Strogino company "City-XXI Century" is implementing a project to build a residential complex "Amber City." During its development, in October 2004 at the XII International Festival "Architecture-2004" the authors of the bronze received a diploma in the nomination "Urban". Serves the architectural designer shop "Alexandrov and partners."

"Amber City" harmoniously into the natural landscape Stroginskoy floodplains, creating a new, modern look of the area.

From the windows of the houses would be an excellent views over the bend of the Moscow River and Silver Bor, green and amber River Park beach, blue sky and emerald water spaces , picturesque church and majestic landscapes of the city on the horizon.

originality of the project lies not only in the magnificent location. The first residential project in the capital, home to Atria - domestic lounges with large windows svetoprozrachnymi, which will be located in the two houses of the premium-class every four floors. Construction atriums, not only reveal the beauty of the natural landscape Strogino, but will also provide future owners of apartments high level of comfort and coziness. Beautiful interiors, fountains, green plants, modern lighting solutions - for the residents of the house interior halls become a place of communication and entertainment.

Italian architects are now developing a design concept of atriums, each of whom will have their individual characteristics. For example, a clear and concise style of a Romanesque atrium will move into the majestic Gothic another, a magnificent and splendid baroque - replaced strict and rational classicism. If one of the atriums terrace house, the other part will take a central rotunda, and the third tenants will be able to admire the alpine hill.

project solutions apartments and places of public accommodation based on a careful study of the needs of potential buyers. Identified critical characteristics affecting the choice of real estate. Based on data from the study of "City-XXI Century", in collaboration with the architects' office "Alexander & Partners was able to design the housing conforms to the customer on the most important parameters: area and number of rooms, vnutrikvartirnoy planning, quality of infrastructure, engineering equipment and etc.

On the upper floors of houses premium class (with atriums), which in the residential complex "Amber city built two facilities are provided free supplies. These areas future buyers will be able to purchase apartments and arrange at their own discretion. What may appear there? Winter Garden, a billiard room, gym, home cinema, library, even the office - the wishes of the people is limited only by their own imagination.

in premium-class homes would be established a system of integrated water newest models. They safely remove harmful impurities, which gives the water a delicious taste of freshness and cleanliness, and make it an ideal of transparency. These homes will be equipped with autonomous boylernymi, which will give the possibility to use hot water throughout the year, including in the summer of mass disconnection.

The residential complex will create a vast infrastructure: kindergarten, underground parking lots, shops, beauty salon, reception, laundry -dry cleaning, pharmacy, dental clinic, a cafe and other social welfare facilities.

underground parking obviate the need to park the car on the street and provide more space for the modern Land around the houses. Car seats in the underground parking provided for each flat. Down to the vehicle, as well as the rise of parking to his apartment, could be one of the silent-speed elevators, do not go out.

The area around the "Amber City" will be fenced, direct access to homes will be only its residents. They ensure the safety control system, round-the-clock protection and surveillance cameras.

service residents will be multi-sports complex, which is located nearby. Figure skating, hockey, swimming, athletic training, wrestling, gambling and other sports - everyone will find themselves and their children's lesson for everyone. The third element of building the new building MIEM (Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics).

Thus, a single architecture, opening a new page in the history of the area Strogino, expressing the spirit of the new Moscow - city of the 21st century. Infrastructure, high level design solutions, modern technologies and materials will allow residents "Amber City" to implement the most interesting design ideas, realize the dream of home comfort and get comfortable environment.

Text: The "City-XXI Century"

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