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Russia and Ukraine reached an agreement to for mutual benefit.

We are selling gas for $ 230, the transit fee is fixed at $ 1,6.

The question of deliveries of Russian gas to Ukraine settled, said heads of Gazprom Alexei Miller and Naftogaz Ukrainy Oleksiy Ivchenko at a joint press conference.

signed a contract for five years for the supply of Russian gas for $ 230 per thousand cubic meters, said Miller.

"From January 1, Gazprom will supply gas to consumers in Ukraine through RosUkrEnergo - said Miller.

According to him, a long-term contract for five years. The transit rate is $ 1.6 per thousand cubic meters per one hundred kilometers.

According to Miller, the transit fee will be made only with money and nothing to do with the price of gas supplied to Ukraine.

Milller said that negotiations with the Ukrainian side finished in 2.30 Moscow time, and "ended successfully for Gazprom and Gazprom is fully satisfied with the results."

head of Naftogaz Ukrainy Oleksiy Ivchenko also said they were satisfied with the outcome of the negotiations.

"We are satisfied with the results of the negotiations, which concluded last night, we came to mutual agreement on a mutually beneficial, and hence on a mutually acceptable basis, which enables us to ensure the full balance of the gas Ukraine On the one hand, and on the other hand - to ensure the transit of Russian gas to Europe "- said Ivchenko.

"We will buy a different origin - and Russia, and Central - the company RosUkrEnergo. The price of gas will be 95 U.S. dollars per thousand cubic meters on the border of Ukraine-Russia", - reported Head of Naftogaz Ukraine.

"The price of gas and transit rates are not linked, because we will pay cash for gas, and Gazprom will also pay us money for the transit of Russian gas to Europe. The rate of transit up to $ 1.09 to $ 1.6 per thousand cubic meters of gas per one hundred kilometers. Thus, our relationship is fully transferred to the market, and enable us to provide those needs, which are needed by our companies, "- said Ivchenko.

Rosukrenergo is a joint venture of Gazprombank and Raiffeisenbank, Gazprom owns more than 50% of the shares, Naftogaz Ukraine also is among its shareholders.

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