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4 New salad.

Salad В«NectarВ», salad В«YanvarychВ» and so on.

I hope the young and the very young hostess can prepare for their New Year's table.

surprised all of their culinary creations ... ..

salad В«NectarВ»

At 200g. Red cabbage - 100g. Apples, 2st.lozh.meda, table 2.5. boxes. rastit.masla, salt.

cabbage and apples nashinkovat straws, add honey, butter and salt to taste.

salad В«YanvarychВ»

Nashinkovannuyu poteret cabbage with salt, pour boiling water and stand under the lid, and 30 minutes. Then, merge and add tertuyu carrots, finely chopped pickles, onions (they both want to do: cutting and oshparivanie to taste and habits), and crushed walnut kernels.

Originally salad illicit oil with lemon juice, but personally I prefer to mayonnaise mayonnaise.

proportions in the eyes hostess.

red cabbage in Greek

You will need 500g. Cabbage, 50g. Bacon, 100g. Green peas, 100g. sausage, 2 sweet Bulgarian pepper, 1 garlic cloves.

Nashinkovannuyu extinguish cabbage with bacon, sausage and vegetables.

can smother in their own juice, and sour cream or tomato. The taste is different every time.

salad В«BeautyВ»

should be 2 small beets, 4 st.lozh. cream, 1 / 2 small onion, 1 egg cooked vkrutuyu, 1 / 2 cup finely chopped greens, 1 st.lozh. mayonnaise, 1 st.lozh. rublennyh walnuts.

Beet Wash, open, clean and cut into thin circles. Egg and onion finely porubit. Stir cheese, onion, egg and fresh herbs, salt to taste. Mayonnaise mixed with nuts.

on a platter to cups beet top cover cheese and pour mayonnaise.

Bon Appetit!

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