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10 best and 10 worst words to the summary.

Never say В«neverВ», better namekni its В«achievementsВ». This is the council of experts on the application for employment.

specialists from the bureau potrudoustroystvu and psychologists from the University of the English county Hertfordshir compiled a list of 10 words, which produce at maximum potential employer a good impression.

There is also a list of the 10 least apply to the summary of the words, among them such as В«hateВ» and В«noВ». In addition, experts advise chelobitchikam not pronounce the word В«errorsВ», replacing them evfemizmami like В«valuable lessonsВ».


Top 10: activity, an individual certificate, achievement, skills, experience, planning, development, participation, the effect

10 worst: always hated, never did, error, panic, bad problem, failure, disaster

If you're concerned that your application is listed too many "valuable lessons", then listen to the advice of academics Hertfordshira who say: Do not is to use such words as В«panicВ», В«problemВ» and В«terribleВ». None of them are not in a position to positively affect the employer, no one can not emphasize your valuable qualities.

If you want to squeeze out a questionnaire as a possible positive, then keep in mind: the list of pleasant words, which have a most beneficial effect on reading the summary, there are, for example, В« Experience В»,В« participation В»,В« Planning В»andВ« development В».

advisers suggest that personnel departments are faced with a lot of more or less similar statements, and therefore pay particular attention to the language they are written on the fact whether this language leaves positive or negative impression.

For example, too expressive words - such as В«neverВ» or В«alwaysВ» - can play against you: to read your profile people will think that you love to exaggerate, but it is not very good quality for a valuable employee.

В«Every department personnel had to assess hundreds if not thousands of personal applications obuyannymi hope applicants and make decisions based on that, actually, they make izetih leaves paper - explains Karen Pine, a psychologist from the University of Hertfordshirskogo .- Thus, the correct choice of words is great importance if vyhotite to your resume positively distinguished from hundreds of others В».

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