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The island of temptation in the ocean is ....

Parties to know the new reality TV channel REN TV В«Island temptationsВ».


Four unmarried couples are sent to faraway exotic island (in this case, the Seychelles) to test the strength of their relationship. Men are in the same hotel, the women - in another. After that, both are waiting for the numerous meetings with the young people of the opposite sex to them (the so-called В«iskusitelyamiВ»). Cycling under the sun, with an aqualung diving, ocean fishing, a picnic in the jungle ... and more on the list. All, of course, filmed, and, video visits (including compromising fragments) can be shown В«the second halfВ».


1. Misha and Vik (length relationship - 3.5 years)

Michael (26 years)

was born in Tbilisi, lives and works in Moscow.

finished MPGU, works manager at a prestigious equestrian clubs. Fluent in English language at the assistant-interpreter. He is fond of cars, loves jazz, he plays guitar and piano. Continuing attend sports. Among the gastronomic preferences - Italian dishes and Japanese cuisine. Big connoisseur of female beauty. In the next five years, plans to marry, to become a father and continue his successful career.

Victoria (26 years)

Born in zapolyarnom Norilsk, lives in Moscow.

graduated from the Moscow Academy of Business and Law, worked as a consultant in the seller-fashionable boutiques. He speaks English. Several years in sports ballroom dancing and even acted in an international class. Along with the cars and fitness, dance is still her passion. He loves Japanese cuisine, fresh juices and expensive gifts. In the men Viku primarily attracts and excites the mind ....

2. Nikita and Natasha (length relationship - 1.5 years)

Nikita (31)

was born and lives in Moscow. He received university education in the State Academy of the scope of welfare and services. He is currently deputy director of a major pharmaceutical company. Ranked first in the USSR Championship on Sea mnogoboryu, one of the ten best snowboarders in Russia and has committed 60 dives with an aqualung on three continents. He likes to travel and have sex in new places. My favorite cuisine - Italian, a favorite dish - grilled fish with vegetables.

Natalia (21)

Moskvichka, currently a student at the Institute of International Trade and Law. He is fluent in three languages: English, German and French. He likes sex, museums, theaters, clubs and travel.

does not like boring and uninteresting people. Neugomonnoy calls herself, and feels that it В«is light, which is not attenuatedВ». Every day, goes to sports, plays on weekends with friends at table tennis, and once she even managed to porulit a small plane. A large fan and a connoisseur of the French, loved French wines and cheeses, and can not tolerate fast food. Natasha excites men's attention and the environment, but relative to her partner, she is very alert, because it considers itself sobstvennitsey.

3.Andrey and Olga (length of relationship - 4 years)

Andrew (23)

Born in Vyshgorode (Ukraine), lives and works in Kiev. He graduated from Kiev National University for Culture and Arts. He worked in the modeling agency. At this time, working personal assistant to the president at a major automotive company. He loves swimming, water skiing and Japanese cuisine (especially rice with vegetables). Big fan of Viktor Tsoi and groups В«CinemaВ».

Olga (21)

Urozhenka Odessa, now lives in Kiev.

graduated from music school, a student at Kiev National University of Culture and the Arts. Took part in the televised contest В«People's ArtistВ». Favorite music - soul and rhythm-and-blues, favorite singer - Steve Uander. He is fond of fashion design and the best thing in her wardrobe made with their own hands. Loves yellow roses, green tea and Japanese cuisine. Of the active entertainment prefer swimming in the canoe. And still loves cameras and through the reality show expects to achieve great fame.

4. Dennis and Lena (length relationship - 2 years)

Denis (28)

Born in Khimki, lives in Moscow.

In his youth worked as an assistant navigator and helmsman of the Moscow River Shipping and even enrolled in the Academy of Water Transport. At this time, working the sales manager to high-tech vacuum cleaners and a student at the Moscow State Law Academy. He likes to travel (to understand the Thai language), and enjoys diving, rafting and shooting. It likes to have sex in unexpected places.

Elena Kryuchkova (21)

Born in Kharkov.

student of the Moscow Humanities University.

Labor biography Helen has only just begun: it worked promoter in several advertising campaigns and vozhatoy in the pioneer camp. He likes to dance and a lot of reading. Favorite sports: basketball, and rafting. All World cuisines Lena prefers Italian, but from the likes of alcoholic drinks of whiskey and tequila. At В«IslandВ» Lena takes its mascot - a small Chinese coin, which helps her in all the travels and adventures.

Our information:

В«Island IskushenyВ» (Temptation Island) is considered one of the most successful reality shows in recent years. The first show was produced and shown in 2001, the American FOX. To date В«Island IskushenyВ» produced and shown in Britain, Australia, France, Belgium, Spain, Scandinavia, Germany, Hungary ...

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