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Stavropolskim newcomers podlozhili pig.

Beautiful new homes in Stavropol every year becomes more and more. Owners of old kvartirok look at them with envy. It was where people live and grief do not know: the roof is not running, pipes new, and everything is working correctly!.

But recent edition called the chairman TSZH house number 12 / 2 Street Tukhachevskogo Tatyana Klimenko and described В«prelestyahВ» Life in dvenadtsatietazhke, which in October was only two years.

- Many apartments wall constantly wet, - said Tatyana Ivanovna, - in the corners of long-established mold.

In some rooms in the rain water zatekaet. Most likely, because of the fact that one of the walls are empty. Instead haydite between rows of brick - the air. The roof flows. And at a technical level panels to pridvinuty one another and connected by only a piece of rubimaksa. And everything must be done on the rules: first keramzitovaya pebbles, then the cement screed. And that the seams were not outside.

When correspondents В«KPВ» arrived in the new house, Tatiana Klimenko in the first place showed the basement, which houses the equipment for distribution and regulation of water and heat throughout the house.

- Actually, the project house must have their own boiler room, "- says the chairman. - As a result, we have central heating. But if all this equipment, although there was a new, but at least worked, we would not have worried. But we have an old pressure regulator, which did not work. It has changed the details. But he is still running, I have a bucket of water can not do under his substitute. Water leaks in the basement floor. By the way, is not zatsementirovali floor and walls are not painted. There is no normal ventilation in the elevator room. Of course, maybe this stuff. But why are they so much?

Most tenants are concerned rusty and taking pressure. His sensors showed ten atmospheres. This is a very high pressure. Pipes, for example, well-kept the pressure of five atmospheres. Therefore, if somewhat flat burst pipe, then immediately flood the whole house. In addition, В«happyВ» newcomers have to podkruchivat zadvizhku for heating. It also runs. Already three times boylernuyu repaired.

How could the Commission to take the house, which was simply bezobraznom condition? - Puzzled residents.

They even sent a request to the Institute В«StavropolgrazhdanproektВ», to see what work was done, and what does not. Why were not glazed balconies and loggias, no alarm heat exchangers and fire protection equipment. People want to understand what they have given a very decent amount of money.


We decided to hear the opinion of the developer. At our questions answered director of construction company В«StavropolstroyВ» Vasily herbs:

- The fact that the chairman of the House TSZH sometimes there are some claim, I know. Indeed, there were some issues with drench walls in a number of apartments. We chose them. Caused the wall to a special solution that prevents this process. In fact, some tenants have made the repair, our assistance to them is not needed. As for the circulation pump, the residents of improperly exploited. They someone turned the screw drain, then put chop. I even sent his men, that they all have vkrutili as expected. The pump works well and is not running.

Our company has built about fifty houses, and there no problems. Only Tatiana Ivanovna constantly comes with new issues. We have at least four act, signed it, where it confirms that it matters to us is not.

But should be months, it is once again trying to us В«pleaseВ». Sometimes even begin to claim that provided the project and contractual obligations. And how many times we've done the work that should not have been there to do?

week ago, we, together with the customer send a commission go to the last time all the new issues to consider. Try more pochinim, but all that is included in the price, we have accomplished.

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