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The heart of "Island of temptation" - a psychological extreme.

Project participants have to go through all the temptations and, finally, to understand their relations.

Galkin is confident that the result will be "a very strong psychological interesting project, but what would be the final show, when the couples have to take the fateful decision to part or not to forgive a partner for its rackety life on the island or not to forgive, to predict refused. Although other issues concerning the new draft readily meets ...

- What you are interested in "The Island of temptation"?

- It seemed to me that this is an interesting show about the psychological relationship between human beings.

- With a lead project?

- This is the role of a facilitator, an outside observer, but in no case party. Always very hard to not call a spade a spade. Always want to have their opinion and, in one way or another, its "cash". But in this situation is not leading the right to personal sympathies or antipathies. It should be noted that, as an intermediary and to participate in the process when it requested.

- What do you think motivates couples who voluntarily put each other in a difficult psychological situation and allow the public to discuss their feelings and attitudes?

- For me it remains a mystery. The only thing I can suggest is that everyone here has their personal goals and interests. And, unfortunately, without taking into account the interests of his partner.

- And yet, four pairs of flying to an island paradise, where they will live separated with each other and surrounded by young and free iskusiteley. What can help young people resist the temptation?

- Nevovlekaemost. Actually I think if a person has agreed to take part in this kind of reality shows, it is no longer resist. He has already lost the first phase, is on an adventure, and voluntarily placed themselves and whom he loves, in such circumstances.

- What is the project "The Island of temptation" may be of interest to the audience?

- I think the project will be interesting because it is not digging in the dirty clothes, not blunt podsmatrivanie for men and women, do not strip as such - that is not all that that is physiology. The project is more, and I am sure, will grow into a psychological show. And do not even show a certain part of the lives of these people, which will make some adjustments in all their future life.

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