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Fire vybrasyval people from the windows.

All night in the west of Moscow burning apartment residential 25-storey building. Firemen managed to fire only in the morning. Three people died in the hospital with burns and smoke inhalation poisoning hit another five.

500 people had to be evacuated.

On Friday evening, the 25-story residential building in western Moscow came a strong fire. He was awarded the third - higher - a category of complexity on a five-point scale. Arrived on the scene, firefighters evacuated from the burning building, several hundred people. There are casualties, RIA В«NewsВ».

As clarified in the main administration EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow, the signal on the fire in the house number 1 on the 2-mu Setunskomu passage entered the remote call the fire brigade about 21.00 Moscow time.

Pozvonivshie reported that the fire broke out in an apartment located at the latest, 25-floor of odnopodezdnoy mnogokvartirnoy tower.

arriving firefighters saw that the windows of the burning apartment vyryvaetsya strong flame. The fire was so strong that the entire floor instantly established a very high temperature. To reach there, the fire brigade had to be used in protective spetsamunitsii. The work was severely hampered as high zadymlennostyu. In addition, it turned out that the building has not worked a fire-water, so estimates had to pull fire hoses on the upper floors.

Finally, in the elevator mnogoetazhki burning in one of the top floors of several people stuck.

trying to save them, firefighters have begun to Unlocking the elevator, but their efforts were crowned with success far from now. Only after considerable time, rescuers still raise people out of the cab and together with other local residents took to the streets.

According to RIA В«NewsВ» in the Moscow department of the Ministry of Emergencies, В«two - a man and a woman - were able to literally save from fire and smoke from the upper floorsВ». Later, another fire traps four more were rescued, but with a burning apartment balcony removed zvavshego to the aid of a man and a child. In total 11 people were rescued.

assess the situation in the building as extremely dangerous to human life, firefighters decided the immediate evacuation of all residents burning towers.

It turned out that the ladder fire-fighting vehicles did not get to the top floors of the building, and people had to show for zadymlennym stairs (later to evacuate the scene had been sent to high-kneed lift).

A total of firefighters and rescue workers took more than 500 people. According to ITAR-TASS, they temporarily placed in the building of school number 13 and provided with warm clothing and hot meals.

Nevertheless, not all saved: later found the bodies of three dead.

One of them was burned along with his apartment, two others in search of refuge from the flames podstupayuschego out of the window and broke.

five more victims to the hospital, where he remained until now. According to doctors, they all received burns and smoke inhalation poisoning.

total area of the fire exceeded 250 square meters. m. In a few hours the fire continued to spread, and not succumb to extinction. Flames of the fire was able to pinpoint just after midnight, and completely extinguish the fire - only by the morning. Since then, local residents began to return to their apartments. As it turned out, four of them vygoreli completely.

in extinguishing the fire was attended by more than 25 settlements, told NTV television. They are, according to the ITAR-TASS news agency, assisted by four search and rescue squad. In addition, the location of emergency podtyanulis the local police station, near a burning house on duty three brigades В«emergencyВ».

now working in the affected house investigators and experts UGPS. According to preliminary reports, the fire started in one of the apartments on 25 floors. Its cause is yet to be set, but experts suggest it arose because of the careless handling of fire.

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