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Force majeure «Titanic».

In the Stavropol unfolding story, partly resembling «saga» of Moscow «Vlastiline». Only in our version of a former president of the financial pyramid began to build houses.

Before I describe the next story deceived co, will return to the past - to 7 years ago. In 1998, inform agency reported sensations: «For the first time in the current judicial practice condemned by the president of investment company for the" fraud on a large scale. " Eight years' imprisonment in a colony of general regime, with confiscation of property - such a sentence imposed Stavropol district court, former Director General of NTIK (Science and Technology Investment Company), 28-year-old Sergei Skrebtsovu. According to ITAR-TASS, the investigation failed to prove that NTIK promised investors up to 600% of revenue and collected from April to December 1994, about 7 billion rubles, 60 thousand dollars and 2 thousand German marks. The victims of more than 4 thousand people. Then Skrebtsov was arrested. All the while, he sat in prison, but on other articles ».

He served half the time. As reported to us a source of trustworthy, in places of detention Titanikom and his name was released for good behavior. By the way, for good behavior emerged in 2000 from prison, and the mistress «Vlastiliny» Valentina Solovyova, which owes investors billions of rubles and got custody in 1995. This year, it was again arrested - it collects the money was allegedly to sell cars at a price below the market, and then hid.

Former President NTIK now builds homes in Stavropol. But at least three of them were not delivered and can not be put into operation. After a staff of construction companies, we Skrebtsova twice, to no avail director invited to the editor. Now wait to hear his views, there is no time. One house has long been arrested, and this building, where apartments are sold, the city intends to demolish the building as autocratic. Director Sam, according to co-accident, calls this force majeure and the enemy. But he did not have the right to sell the apartment because he took permission only for private construction, which is home to one master.

Where is the money, Jin?

In 2005, the editors of our newspaper contacted hundreds deceived co-housing. The amount of non-refundable loss townspeople in Stavropol amounts to tens of millions of rubles. This is characteristic that no law enforcement agency to do anything with that could not. Ograblennym people often respond that the reason for initiating a criminal case no. And if there is, as a rule, they still can not return any money or an apartment.

Once dolschitsa company «Mayak», in respect of which the director did instituted a criminal case, directly in the wording promised to commit an act of self-immolation on Lenin Square. Hardly otgovorili. Having lost money and property, out of desperation, people are dying from a heart attack and stroke, are in the hospital from the effects of the fatal choice of family disintegration. In fact, relatives and friends are starting to accuse each other that one of them put in the wind all the family savings, depriving the family of funds in existence. «Where is the money?» - They ask the question, however, only within his family, because the money usually can not be returned, even if you know who stole them. More precisely as possible, but not in the legal field ...

One of the co-OOO «Mayak» learned from our publication, which I bought for one million rubles air. By telephone, he said that can not even inform the family - his mother's weak heart. They sold all their property to buy two flats in Stavropol. And most people are trying to solve the apartment issue, remain bomzhami even in a city where born - without an apartment and without permit.

another kind of deception, but the same for the finale of the co-occurred through the company, which initially called TSZH «TSS-2001», then «Transspetsstroy», now «Stroyrekonstruktsiya». Last name of the company sounds particularly izdevatelski because, as we have said that they had built, would have to supplement the documents to rebuild or even demolish. One of the homes have already sold the city mayor's office believes samovolnoy building: it must be reconstructed by an individual dwelling house or demolish it themselves or builders do for their money. And their money - money co.

Galina K., Igor K., Ludmila K., and their families - part of co-houses along the street Masterovoy - now became bomzhami. Lyudmila paid full price for a one-room apartment at a cost of 9 thousand rubles per square meter in 2003 the company «TSS-2001». By the way, the three companies, of which she chose to whom to entrust their savings, two, as it turned out later, were dishonest. One has already been named above - «Mayak», the other one which is now deprived Lyudmila and her children money, apartments and residence. The likelihood of falling into an apartment nehoroshuyu was just weird.

initially proposed to her real estate arranged for a number of indicators. The house was small - three cottages, with almost built, and Lyudmila has already promised to give in November 2003. This story priklyuchilas and family Galina. It will also choose a company, which has entrusted the money - all they have been with my husband. To do this in one of the edges of cities, they sold the house, along with furniture, car and Reliance «TSS-2001». Then, in 2003, for a small two-room apartment they had to pay half a million rubles (made 70 percent of the amount). As Lyudmila, the apartment they bought from the ad in the newspaper.

Share «nahalovki»

Consequences of cheating - nobody warned the co that the construction of the apartment building was illegal - have opened in the year 2003. Residents of nearby houses brought in the Industrial Court of Stavropol lawsuit «banning the construction of multifamily homes and bringing the House into line with the project». Of the lawsuit should be that allowed the administration of the city land was previously sold to a certain firm «RT» for the construction of a small departmental hotels, but certainly not the apartment building. How and under what conditions the house of «RT» moved to the «TSS-2001» (hereinafter referred to TSZH), we do not know: the secret of a commercial transaction. In any case, the claim documents to the plaintiffs claim the demolition to make «tJ».

now presumably in the house of 15 apartments and two more in the plan. If you even take into account the price of 9 - 10 thousand per square meter, for the house owners cottages collected several million rubles. The court could force them not to demolish, and, say, to reconstruct the house back to the individual. It seems that the builders would not be a cottage vnaklade more slowly and sell it a second time. But what to do dolschikam deceived? Not only that the money they are not going to return, these amounts have already depreciated on a modern real estate market. Wait for new house, apparently did not occur.

In fact, none of the relevant authorities did not consider the technical, health, environmental and other possible construction of multifamily homes here. The agreement with neighbors, as required by law, builders also did not ask. Therefore, the plaintiffs, referring to the Civil Code, requiring the demolition samovolnoy built. Since the city had agreed to the construction of individual residential houses, the violation of the lease, no TC to connect to public networks (ie, water, electricity, etc.).

Mayor's serving in the court as a third party, also filed a lawsuit. The administration asked the court to recognize the structure of the street Masterovoy, 34, samovolnym in order to demolish the house.

Pending a court decision halted the construction of house arrest - it can not build, repair, to register. People who legitimately buy an apartment here, can not count on them. For example, a Lyudmila in the apartment has no windows, no doors, while the middle is not adapted to living rooms heap - construction debris. Give up their old apartment (was changing housing) Lyudmila and her children for the third year of living in rented apartments, and without permit. For two years she had paid for removable apartment has already more than half of that paid for the acquisition of real estate in the house arrested.

Family Galina, whose two children, this summer has tried to live under arrest - another way out they were not. Their lives in the apartment resembled a long-awaited thriller in which nearly every day, they visited the precinct police officer, already, by the way, the order of tired of endless dryazg street Masterovoy. After all, the neighbors are not only sudilis, but you can tell, took to the path of war, not only with the true culprit, as with his victims. In July, they brought an excavator, dug out and taken away sewer pipes, electricity cut off, blocked access by concrete blocks, poured paint on the gate. In addition, the slightest movement constantly fixed on the photo and video cameras, sending images of residents arrested at home with bailiffs: that they have an explanation why they moved their suitcases or painted windows arrested at home.

All summer novosely lived without water (water taken in a nearby store), without light and with the convenience of the street. In winter, the family of Galina had to leave two years ago bought an apartment. Living in the cold is not possible, and they are now forced to rent housing in Stavropol. Only one woman remained now live in this house - it is nowhere to go, probably need to acquire burzhuyku. How much does it continue for another unknown. The court delayed and lasted for two and a half years. At about the same amount of time under house arrest.

nineties return?

As it turned out, this is not the only problem the house of the company. With two other buildings on the street Rural, 24, the same problem, though is not so bleak as to Masterovoy. Dolschiki no longer current company «TSS-2001» vykupali apartment here in 2002. But at home, each with more than a dozen apartments, it is impossible to put into operation, because they were built without the relevant project documents, expert on the project, and contracts for the rental period is up. In a word, did not take place all the expensive procedure, which usually begins the construction of multifamily homes. Now all the burden dumped on the residents by paying the full cost for the previous apartment. They had to go to their purchased at the market price the house and live quietly. Instead, to solve the problems that the company for sale is not going to solve, dolschiki created its own TSZH, and go to authorities because it is not even half of the required documents.

Residents of problem houses in the village and Masterovoy argued that companies with constantly changing the name of more than dozens of sites and none of them are not delivered. It is difficult to verify. But is that the construction of houses mentioned in this article, is Sergei Skrebtsov, no doubt. According to the documents, as customers, and the prime contractor - a family company Skrebtsova. Co-payment, which they showed in the editorial, signed relative Sergei Vasil'evich: «T. Skrebtsova ».

in October in the capital, began demonstrations of hundreds of co-deceived, who came with placards: «MMM, Vlastilina, New World ... 90's return», «Power does not make a middle-class homeless!" People are required to attract to prosecute the owners of building the pyramids. But in Moscow, as well as in Stavropol, law enforcers allege that the people themselves to blame and trust fraudsters. Therefore, the Moscow mayor's office has already drawn open to citizens «black list» unscrupulous companies in the management of the economic security of the city. The Mayor of the capital acknowledged that the government in Moscow can not evade responsibility, as affected by the honor of the city. The request is the attitude of our city to the activities of the company on behalf of Skrebtsova drafted as early as September, we have sent the Director of Administration for the construction of Stavropol Vladimir Elichevu, but Unfortunately, the answer was never received. neighborhoods, which are in troubled times built spontaneously, in the southern cities called «nahalovkoy». At a time when the construction is supervised by a mass of institutions, such nahalnoe construction of apartment buildings are too costly. Not «Titanic », and those they topyat.

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