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В«DinamoВ» want to return to the second league?.

Manual Professional Football League is considering the return of Stavropol teams in professional football.

season is over. What's next?

В«DinamoВ» completed season, and, as is common practice in such cases, should bring some results. While the move is nothing special. Gone in the game year asset white and blue does not zanesesh. Won the 2004 tournament in the first division because of financial and other problems the team had lost residence in MNP and was forced to speak at the amateur level. Where does an outstanding not shown in the championship having taken the villages and auls fifth place. In general, it was the worst season in history В«DinamoВ».

However, it is off-season, and it's time to think about the future. What is being done to revive the former leader Stavropolski sport, whether white and blue to count on an amnesty from MNP? These and other questions we asked the club vice-president Valery Repishevskomu.

- Valery, what В«DinamoВ» prospects? Because you have recently returned from Moscow, where, as far as we know, were interviewed about the revival of the Stavropol team president MNP Nikolai Tolstykh.

- Nikolai talked to us a half hour. We have discussed all the issues, and already have a tentative agreement that В«DinamoВ» in 2006 will be made in professional soccer league and will serve the southern area of the second division.

- What to do this you on the ground, in Stavropol, you need to do?

- Tolstikh has given the order to prepare a letter, a request from the Government of the province, from kraysportkomiteta, the Football Federation of the province, to bring all these documents should be up to 20 November.

- to speak at a professional level, the team must have more fields with artificial surfaces. Stavropol a lawn gives the Russian Football Union. But, nevertheless, for the preparatory work may have to pay themselves?

- Yes, at this time, all documents produced to address this issue. Let's begin, make a drainage for the artificial surface.

- and where the money will be taken?

- In kraysportkomitete we were told that the Government allocates the edge of the money for these purposes.

from scratch

- Okay, let's take В«DinamoВ» back in the second league. Yet, this is not enough to ensure that the team played well, there, you need much, if not all, of change. The club, in its infrastructure and so on. As for this being done?

- In recent days, the Governor again came into office, he has accumulated a lot of cases, but, above all, he signed a letter of request from the Government of the edge of the inclusion in the composition of our club for MNP participation in the championship of Russia. If the governor signed the paper, I think the questions on finance, logistics base will be discussed in the coming days.

- but he has in the past year, a lot of papers signed, but the outcome is known to all.

- Last year, the club was a different structure, which no longer exists. We now have a new organization, new football club. And I think that the club president and the governor will find a common language to solve all issues.

- By the way, the old structure. В«DinamoВ» driven out of MNP is largely due to the fact that the club had enormous debts. Probably in Moscow wanted to the old accounts were paid. The new club will take over these problems?

- No, we are not responsible for old debts. And why will not pay anything. With the guidance of MNP this issue has already been agreed. We are starting from scratch. Of course, there are some nuances, but I think we can resolve this issue.

Chief yet

- New head coach has yet to be appointed?

- No, but there are several candidates, I still will not call them. Above this, we are working. As well as over the selection to build efficient team in 2006.

- Valery, you can forecast at least a rough, when determine the fate of В«DinamoВ»?

- November 23, a Council of the League, which will be decided by our question. A 30-second conference will be held MNP, I think there has to be announced, we entered the MNP.

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