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Stavropol resident of four years, does not go into the bedroom.

- Zateyali building next to our house and we now rashlebyvaem - said pensioner Maria Zhogin living in house number 90 on the street, Morozova - afraid to come into the bedroom - there cracks on all walls and ceilings, the angles are divided, the wind blowing through the cracks .

chunks of plaster from the walls osypayutsya.

Maria Mikhailovna lives on the first floor. It was the same on the other hand is a large library, on the walls where you can see the same picture. Only here with cracks in blue felt-tip pen to make special marks. This is a В«lightВ», that can be used to develop strain. Four years ago, when the six meters from the five construction began odinnadtsatietazhnogo home, inviting experts to observe the old buildings. They are here not long ago looked. Why even officially confirm what everyone knows: the structure was subjected to deformation threatening.

В«It would be winter in the countryВ»

As you know, Drawdown foundation primarily affects on the top floor. Bogdanovyh The family lives on the fourth. In the corners of rooms in their apartment appeared cracks. And between the ceiling and bearing walls, a crack, which is easy to pass a large kitchen knife.

- It caused serious damage to property, damaged property - said the general opinion of residents, Deputy Chairman of the house committee Olga Bogdanova. - As long as we ran in different instances, almost all the apartments start plaster flake, В«vzdulisВ» wall perekosilis door and window openings, roof burst - housing on the upper floors are now constantly bathe. In one of the apartments even collapsed concrete slab floors. When our windows is a technique, especially when casting concrete, in the flats to be impossible. They are filled with highly toxic exhaust gases, which affect not only the patients with bronchial asthma and cores. Even in healthy people begin attacks of vomiting and severe headache.

itself Olga Konstantinovna in my apartment is now almost does not go. Prefers to live in the country.

- and winter there will be, - she said. - Only the daughter-desyatiklassnitsu can not pick up. She was walking to school early to have, to prepare for exams. Will I come here to get the soup for a week to prepare.

Construction on new technologies with old crane

Near the house is located high school number 14. Every day, four times a day (the boys go to school in two shifts) are held by the construction of hundreds of schoolchildren.

- track by doing the fence construction is taking place - explains the chairman of the house committee Nikolai Ermakov. - And in its territory with a huge crane violations. His boom of five meters from the fence goes and hangs directly over-reaching people. By the way, three years ago, building owner assured us that the house will build on new technologies, В«beskranovymВ» method. This mahina now near our house is, and if, God forbid, of course, debris, two houses zatsepit - our 82 th and the school, across the road, into the bargain. As Gostehnadzor this crane operation took? In addition, a fence completely blocked the road outside Morozov. This not only creates an inconvenience, but it is also a violation of fire safety: 92 th house completely blocked, a high school now has only one entrance instead of the two mandatory.

Previously, under the house number 90, claimed his tenants, was the water. Builders of it all pumped. Now it was formed emptiness. In the area precarious ground, but because people are afraid, pyatietazhka could collapse.

- buy a new house in the elite apartments, and all of their communications to our dryahlym networks will be connected. The same trick - sympathizes future neighbors Maria Zhogin.

A young residents В«hruschovkiВ» increasingly recall Mayor Dmitry Kuzmin statement on local television, when he promised that there will be no residential building, a three-В«Room schoolboyВ».

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