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Revelation actors series «not born beautiful».

Great success, and the stunning new audience ratings. Here are the first results show a new film mnogoseriynogo «not born beautiful» channel STS.

moving story Cathy Pushkarevoy interested in millions of Russian visitors. In the evenings at the series is one in five TV country.

American version of the series called «fell in love with New York». The story of the girl, taking the first steps in her career and personal life, so polyubilas viewers that soon appeared in the series doubles: «fell in love with Madrid», «fell in love with Paris», «fell in love with London» ...

name of the Russian version has been more original, is part of the Russian proverb «not born beautiful, and happy rodis».

News first entertainment television channel helped SPC ahead of all other channels during the period between 20:00 and 21:00 hours. The program «Hunger» on TNT after the launch «not born beautiful» lost half the audience. History of nepriglyadnoy she toured the new series «broken street lights», «lethal Force» and «soldier». Even football fans in Russia, smotrevshie at «First» match «Russia - Portugal», have not been able to perebit success «not born beautiful» - for Katya Pushkarevu in sick that day, more than for the Russian national team.

Those who have not yet connected to the viewing of series, briefly tell you that this film about a girl, worked as a secretary in the company ZIMALETTO. Nature has given her sharp mind, excellent character and pure soul.

Unfortunately, no one has taught her to be beautiful. And in a world where people meet to odezhke is a serious omission.

Neither man was not detained for Katya concerned glance. Her appearance neprimetnaya causes surrounding only the gross uhmylki and smiles. And, meanwhile, Katja dreams of love and happiness ... She just needs to be done golovokruzhitelnuyu career and become a beauty.

Although initially very nice actress Nelli Uvarova had turned into a plain girl. Nellie tried to spoil the appearance of the entire Film: brekety on teeth, no cosmetics, hair Babushkin knot. Especially rasstaralis Costume Designer: besformennye long skirts, blouses under broad neck - the heroine of the film more like a crazy city, than Secretary of thriving company.

«Way of zakompleksovannoy terribly plain girl, before seeking more beautiful girl I think is very interesting. As in «Pigmalione». She first spoke with difficulty, and then becomes a beautiful lady. So this perspective, here is an opportunity pohuliganit first, I was very pleased », - said the actress.

partner Nelly õ×ÁÒÏ×ÏÊ, Gregory Antipenko known Russian TV audience for the film «Talisman love».

But if there, he played the chief villain, the actor act solely in romantic roles. His hero Andrei Zhdanov very successful - the seat on the board of directors and the first in the world of fashion.

«I have this role nearly resistance - said the actor - because my fate is not that at all. Life patted me a little bit, and it was good. And Andrew wealthy parents, excellent education, good roads machine ... I have to understand my character. We must understand the man who has no problems. So I am very interested to «do» this hero. We are with him the same age, a little over 30. But the similarity ends ».

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