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Pirates demand for $ 700 thousand Ukrainians.

Off the coast of Somalia, pirates seized the bulk carrier with 22 sailors - the citizens of Ukraine. Pirates promise to let them go for $ 700 thousand

Ukrainian authorities have asked for assistance in the release of its citizens the world community and NATO.

off the coast of Somalia pirates seized the ship with a Ukrainian crew. According to preliminary reports, the seizure of the vessel has yet on Tuesday, 18 October (AFP passes, that the ship was seized on Wednesday), the first reports of hostage-taking Ukrainian sailors appeared only on Thursday evening, when the Somali government officially acknowledged the capture. According to Andrew Mongura, the representative of Kenya Association of sailors, 90 miles (167 kilometers) off the coast of Somalia near the self-autonomous Puntland pirates seized the ship Panagia, registered in Malta and shedshy under the Liberian flag. Ship served flights coal from South Africa to Turkey.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, on board dry cargo ship were 22 crew members. All of them - the citizens of Ukraine.

Owner - Odessa company has already established a relationship with the captain of the captured ship. As of Friday, October 21, the Ukrainians are still alive and healthy, members of the crew were moved to a ship under the control of pirates. The very bulk carrier is now anchored about two miles from the coast of Somalia.

As reported by AFP, the pirates demanded for the release of the vessel and crew redemption $ 700 thousand

owner continues to conduct intensive negotiations with the invaders in an attempt to release the ship and return to Ukrainian citizens to their homeland.

Even on Tuesday, Minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Tarasyuk requested the Embassy of Ukraine in the UK, France and the United States to refer to foreign and defense ministries to contribute to finding possible ways to resolve the situation. A similar appeal before the NATO headquarters in Brussels. In addition, the Ukrainian diplomat in Kenya, Ethiopia and Malaysia, are now engaged in clarifying the fate of the ship and crew.

As the representatives of the Foreign Ministry, the situation is complicated by the fact that the territory of Somalia is now fighting between various factions. Of foreign diplomatic or consular offices in Somalia, no.

In connection with the difficult situation the coast of Somalia has become a favorite place for fishing pirates.

According to the International Bureau of Shipping, from mid-March has already registered 23 attacks on ships passing along the coast.

Guidance Bureau calls upon the captains of merchant ships not to approach the coast of the rebel States closer than 100 miles (180 km). Last week, 13 October, the interim government of Somalia has asked the neighboring countries to patrol its 3,700-kilometer coastline warships.

In recent cases of piracy, all hostages were alive - sea robbers released them after looting the court, or after payment of ransom.

Now in addition to the Ukrainians in the hands of the pirates are 48 Taiwanese seamen from three dry. They have two months to live in the mercy of the pirates in the port of Kismayo, the demand for them ransom of $ 1.5 million

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