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When Putin will decide the fate of Chernogorova?.

Yesterday, the Kremlin walked joke. Like the morning some of the officials met at the Spassky Gate smuschennogo Stavropol governor Alexander Chernogorova who carefully presses against the chest trehlitrovuyu bank with water.

Protection alleged he asked: say, for whom vodichka something? And though the governor said: they say, for the president - from the very water supplies, which called for a pensioner Karachentseva. And while even vsplaknul.

And if seriously ... Delayed perenaznacheniem Chernogorova on the Governor's office is indeed linked to the pipeline zloschastnym farms Dehtiarivska Kochubeevskogo region of Stavropol region.

By early October, water supply has already been prepared. Why, then, on paper Chernogorova has not yet left the Kremlin in Stavropol?

Because of Putin had not signed. Although it came to information on the strike rate for the pipeline construction. But in order to further ensure that the reports from Stavropol is not bogus, Putin sent a farm Dehtiarivska Commission Office of the Presidency. The commission alleged ispili even water from a new water supply system, as Putin and wrote a detailed report. Whether Putin will sign, this time at the paper Chernogorova? And when?

As we said a source in the presidential administration, the likelihood that in the post of governor will be offered precisely Montenegro - 90 - 95 per cent. The decision may be made before the end of this week.

Incidentally, with regard to В«delaying the timing of the signing of the submission of candidature of the GovernorВ», as today sudachat in the regional administration ... Putin, it seems, is not embarrassed that В«all the deadlines have passedВ».

As explained in the Kremlin, the case with the head of Stavropol - exceptional.

President indeed had publicly before the entire country due to the retired Karachentsevoy, the shortcomings of regional authorities. This time he wants to be sure 100 percent that the commission actually performed and the local authorities do not В«mutyat waterВ».

Jokes jokes ... But, it seems, Chernogorovu who would like to stay in the chair and the governor, according to our information, for several days in Moscow, while visits to high Kremlin cabinets, and, in fact, nothing remains as naprositsya to meet Putin in trehlitrovoy banks, filled with clean water. Only tanks В«with evidenceВ» must be В«visaВ» Karachentsevoy pensioners and farmers, certifying that the water from the very - В«PresidentialВ» aqueduct ...

Alexander GAMOV

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