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At Stavropol a port of world significance ".

In a few years in our country are planning to create a channel that will connect the two seas - the Black and Caspian.

But it will pass through the North Caucasus region, capturing the eastern part of the Stavropol region. On the scale of its already been compared to the Suez Canal.

- The idea of building the channel was established in the documents the State Duma on the future development of the North Caucasus, - told the correspondent of В«KomsomolkiВ» First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Stavropol region Viktor Milenin. - I just support the idea. And while the Ministry of Economic Development, going to spin it.

Canal, connecting the Caspian and Black Seas, will run through the Sea of Azov, from Manychskih lakes continue to Kuma River, which flows into the Caspian Sea.

length of the channel is approximately 650 kilometers.

- The most interesting thing is that two-thirds of the channel already has - it Manychskie lake. The width of the channel not less than 70 meters deep - about 16. The project has not yet been drawn up - the architects will determine all the necessary parameters - from the breadth and depth and to the types of ships that will be on the go - explained Victor G.. - With the geography and environment, we have also failed to communicate. I think that should be interested to start this project economists. Indeed, thanks to him in the province will become much more water, and water - this is life. You will see the opportunity for further development of natural resources.

appears and a new port - in the village of Brave that Apanasenkovskom area. I think that the name would not have to change - it is just appropriate. According to the preliminary plan, the length of the port - 90 kilometers. I must say, this will be the largest port in Russia - Milenin added.

- Conceived me the edge of the project will increase the capacity in the economy. But for the implementation of this ambitious idea yet. The construction of the channel requires a large amount of money - at least five - seven billion dollars. The budget of the province, of course, no such money. Of course, we would like to attract foreign investment. But first of all look forward to the Russian Stabilization Fund, which funded the special significance for Russia proektystoimostyu more than 5 billion rubles. So I want such a project has become a new channel.


According to Victor Milenin, the channel will have a number of economic advantages:

  • new jobs
  • Warehouses for the storage of goods
  • Ability to bring Iran out of inexpensive gasoline and thereby create competition to our monopolists. In addition, the export to Iran of Stavropol grain at a high price
  • way to Europe from credneaziatskih countries, which means from Central Asia in our region will zavozitsya cotton, minerals
  • Shorter path - the Volga - to the products of the Volgograd and Astrakhan
  • sales to UAE stavropolskih ovtsevodov products
  • development of marine tourism. That is, any stavropolets can make cruises on the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov, the Red Sea
  • delivery of flour and construction materials in Afghanistan, the grain - in Azerbaijan
  • Strengthening relationships not only with neighboring regions, but also with countries around the world
  • In general, the draft of the century!


    in the province are preparing at least two more ambitious project: the construction of monorail railways and reconstruction of the Stavropol airport, which will become a huge modern complex to service passengers.

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