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Adventure Elektron.

Russian trawler third night away from the chase in the Barents Sea.

not have caught up with us

third day, the Norwegian Coast Guard ships have in the Barents Sea, Russian trawler "Elektron", accusing its crew of violating fishing regulations. Despite the threat of the use of weapons, escaped from detention on Sunday, the ship continues to tear Murmansk, which is expected to reach on Wednesday. On board are two Norwegian inspectors.


Communications concerning the trawler, which belongs to the Murmansk private company Korzh, very controversial. We only know what trouble Elektron began on Saturday, October 15, when charges of illegal fishing of the Norwegian Coast Guard detained. According to one reported arrest was made in the area of the archipelago of Svalbard in the Barents Sea, "a flagrant violation of the rules for fishing in the Norwegian economic zone." According to other reports, the incident began in the neutral waters.

on board the Elektron boarded two Coast Guard Horvegii which, according to some sources, not only seized the ship and fishing magazines, but Seaman's captain and a certificate of authorization navigation under the Russian flag.

Trawler was asked to go to trial in the Norwegian port of Tromso. The crew initially obeyed, but on Sunday, according to the Norwegian media, trawler was suddenly replaced by a course and headed towards Russian waters. In doing so, sailors allegedly claimed that the order for disobeying Norwegians were from the Russian authorities. " According to the same anonymous representative of a large fishing companies of Murmansk, while towing "electron" in the Norwegian port burst rope, after which the captain, and adopted the "emotional decision" to return under the protection of the economic zone of Russia, along with two still on board the Norwegian inspectors. Whatever the case, but since that time the conflict has moved into a decisive phase.

In pursuit of traulerom went four Norwegian Coast Guard vessel. On Monday evening, according to a report from the board of "electron", they attempted to capture the vessel. In the radio the captain, even sought the shore for help.

Next radiogram was received about three am Moscow time. According to her, the seizure of the ship has been suspended. The captain once again asked for help, saying that the Norwegians were trying to start a cable to screw trawler and thus stop it. However, doing so has proven difficult. Help "Elektron" podospelo Murmansk another fishing vessel, the M-0131. His captain began to maneuver around punishable trawler, making Norwegians approach and cling to its propeller. Moreover, the fight went to the site of several Russian trawlers in this area of the Barents Sea.


Meanwhile Elektron entered the Russian economic zone, but then the prosecution has not stopped. The next time the captain had to go to us at 7 o'clock in the morning, but time did not. In the coming half of the ninth radio said that Norwegian planes have begun to throw off trawler fire-bombs. The crew of the vessel, if possible, photographs action Norwegians, said the captain: "There are images captured pointing guns at us warships. If this is not the threat of gunfire, but a show of force, reserve the opportunity to go after the shelling of the collision, as well as the assistance already I hope not. The possibility of saving the crew in this case will provide a number of ship-reaching "Gregory Arlashkin.

However, subsequently it was found that there was no bombing. For fire-bombs sailors took flares, which are launched with the aim to direct the ship to stop the wrongdoing, and heave to.

Meanwhile Elektron continued his flight to Russia. As at 10 o'clock in the morning disposition changed somewhat - now trawler accompanied not four, but only two Norwegian coast guard ships, as well as three Russian fishing vessel. Presumably, the captain wanted to either get to Murmansk, or lost in the middle of a group of about 50 Russian fishing vessels in the area for fishing. However, fellow he will swim 10-15 hours, and up to Murmansk - no less than a day: the sea played a storm at the time of this writing, the wind speed in the area reaches 28-30 meters per second, and the height of the waves - 5-6 meters .

Towards "Elektron" was preparing to withdraw from Murmansk sloop "Tver. It is expected that he would withdraw from the board of the trawler Norwegian inspectors, and the vessel otkonvoiruet for further proceedings in Murmansk. This is the head of the Murmansk administration of Russia's FSB border, Major General Viktor Gubenko. But while storozhevik because of the storm to go in the sea can not - as expected, bad weather will not recede before the second half Tuesday.


So far, almost a detective story develops in the sea, on the shore of an attempt to resolve the situation, as well as advanced versions of the true reasons for detention of the trawler and the legality of actions of its captain.

example, in the Union rybopromyshlennikov the North claimed that the reason for the detention of Russian trawler Norwegian authorities is to differences between the two countries on the minimum size of fish, which you can catch. The problem lies in the amount of so-called selective gratings trawl through which passes caught fish: "Norwegians believe that our lattice smaller in diameter than the accepted in Norway, and that these lattices hold a fish that is not designed for the industry", - explained in the Union Stressing that the Norwegian inspectors was not found on board the "Elektron" extra fish, not making any comment either on the number of catches, nor the size of the fish.

However, the chief focal point coastguard border control FSB Russia on the Murmansk Region 1 Rank Captain Leonid Miroshnichenko argues that the Norwegian inspectors were indeed found a violation of the rules of fishing, in particular, the reduced size of cells trawler, as well as the use of this trale so-called "jacket" - an additional network.

Miroshnichenko confident of misconduct by the captain. This is also the opinion of the Chief of the Murmansk administration of Russia's FSB border, Major General Viktor Gubenko, who did not see any logic in them. Gubenko stressed that the actions of the Norwegian Coast Guard ships to detain the trawler "do not contradict international legal norms" and the captain "Elektron" was obliged to comply with the demands of the inspectors ryboohrany.

Gubenko added that, it turns out, "E" and have repeatedly been detained for violating the rules of fishing, and Russian border guards.

With regard to the settlement of the conflict, it seems to be going on the diplomatic level. At the very least, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that was in constant contact with the Norwegian side, which asked "all the information about the situation around the trawler." "Upon receipt of the relevant data, and jointly with other relevant Russian agencies as soon as possible will be taken all necessary measures to address this problem", - stressed the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry, Mikhail Kamynin.

No power-up solution to the conflict have not yet been anticipated. In accordance with international law, in the high seas can not be done, no use of force, including the use of weapons, so the Russian fishermen, nothing threatening. For its part, the military sailors of Russia, while following the race "an electron from the Norwegian military, yet it does not interfere. Even more so, in the words of the Chief of the Navy press service Igor Dygalo, Norwegian patrol boats may enter the Russian economic zone, but have no right to enter the Russian territorial waters. And before them "E" has not yet been reached.

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