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For the death of ex-banker is unlikely to be organized crime.

The loss of former owner «Sodbiznesbanka» may be linked to the recent currency fluctuations.

Former taxi driver Alexander metal, in a short time turned into a millionaire and owner of the notorious «Kredittrasta» and «Sodbiznesbanka» and equally rapidly lishivshiysya his vast business, was found dead last Sunday in the suburbs. «Mercedes», ×ÓËÒÙÔÙÊ investigators, was full of dead bodies - along with a banker killed by his wife and daughter. Nearby stood another izreshechenny track car, also filled with the bodies of dead and wounded people, including a priest Oskolsky-old monastery. It was on his way to the temple Slesarev and its satellites have been shot by killer cells. It is possible that the death of a businessman may be linked to the recent currency fluctuations.

Bloody Sunday

On Sunday, around 10.30 am, at the remote duty «02» received a call from an unknown man, reported that Domodedovskom district near Moscow at 35 kilometers Kashirskoye Highway are two rasstrelyannye foreign cars -- «Mercedes» and «Mitsubishi Pajero». At the scene of the accident left the police and prosecutors investigating the Moscow region.

In rasstrelyannom «Mercedes» they found the bodies of the shadow owner of the notorious bank «Kredittrast» and «Sodbiznesbank» Slesareva Alexandra, his wife Natalia, and 15-year-old daughter Elizabeth.

In addition, the car also was found tyazheloranennaya 9-year-old niece of a businessman - Sofia, together with the surviving driver of the second foreign cars was taken to the resuscitation. Their medical condition is critical.

names of passengers «Mitsubishi» not disclosed. We know only that it had found the body 80-year-old pensioner, and the cleric Oskolsky-old monastery. It is in this monastery, as was able to establish the investigation, sent the family Slesareva.

Later in the Leninsky district of Moscow police found sgorevshuyu ashes «Audi A-8», which lay in the cabin of Kalashnikov assault rifles and Makarov pistol. According to the investigation of the vehicle's killers, overtaking «Mercedes» and «Mitsubishi», shot their passengers.

last summer with the collapse «Sodbiznesbanka» and «Kredittrasta» in Russia began a mini-banking crisis. In May 2004, the Central Bank of Russia withdrew the general license for banking operations at the «Sodbiznesbanka» and brought it a transitional administration. The license was revoked «in connection with the failure (Bank - Strana.Ru) federal laws regulating banking activities, and regulations the Bank of Russia», as well as in connection with his repeated violation of federal law «On Combating Legalization (laundering) of proceeds of crime through, and the financing of terrorism ».

In particular, «Sodbiznesbank» included in the money-laundering, received a ransom for the kidnapped director of JSC «KamAZ-Metallurgy» Viktor Faber. A «Sodbiznesbanka» was discovered and many other violations. For example, his leadership is not available to the authorities the necessary information, saying that the bank «lost» its database for the entire year 2002.

revoke the license «Sodbiznesbanka» led to thousands of depositors lost their savings.

In addition, after the order to revoke the banking license «Sodbiznesbank» within two weeks is not allowed in his office in downtown Moscow of representatives appointed by the Central Provisional Authority. It is expected that during this time the bank has managed to transfer billions of dollars of its assets to other accounts. Eventually, the OMON assault took office «Sodbiznesbanka».

Not so scandalous ended their days «Kredittrast», also secretly headed by Mr. Slesarevym. Fearing that the bank will share the fate of «Sodbiznesbanka», investors managed to pick up some of their money. And such big banks as the «Bank» and «Vneshtorgbank» refused to lend «Kredittrast».

About poluzakonnoy the two lending institutions said the fact that the identity of their owners carefully hidden.

According to official information, the Central Bank until recently did not know who the real owner «Sodbiznesbanka» - in the list of founders included several no-known companies, the founders have been other smaller companies.

dangerous links

In the Moscow region prosecutor's office has no comment loud offense, limiting communication to institute criminal proceedings under art. 105 of the Criminal Code ( «murder»). In the absence of official communications, the Russian media put forward two basic versions. The first - the killing could be related to the withdrawal of banking licenses and the failure of commitments to major contributors. For the second version, the cause of the massacre could be a serious problem of the ex-banker with a certain metropolitan OPG, keeps its own «obschak» in a controlled Slesarevym lending institutions. Ostensibly, after the bank went bankrupt, the criminals have received only a small portion of their money, and therefore Slesarev was forced into hiding.

However, in a conversation with a columnist Strany.Ru a senior source in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia almost immediately refuted the version of retaliation by the organized crime.

«This murder has nothing to do with the criminal« obschakom », - asserts our interlocutor. - Now «obschak» is not that. His place if, then placed in a way that money, you can always return. Besides, if it was a revenge of criminals, he would be killed in a different way: one would be waiting at the entrance and hlopnuli a pistol with silencer. And in this case, was destroyed by the whole family. This is contrary to the so-called banditskomu «code». They «concepts», children in case parents did not meet ».

The source Strany.Ru, the murder committed «a very frostbitten guys tried to either the security of a rich man who Slesarev did not return the money». Furthermore, according to the source, you need to understand how the passengers «Mitsubishi» had to Slesarevu. «If they do not have any relationship, neither family nor business partners, it said on the very low skill, - said the source. - That is the information that goes motorcade of two cars, and killers are not reading, both shot ».

Lastly, according to the source, Slesareva murder may be linked not to its past debts, and the events of the past two weeks.

«According to some quarters, Slesareva death may be linked to the recent sharp fluctuations in exchange rates - said a senior Interior Ministry. - Ruble seriously increased - by 6% against the dollar, just as suddenly dropped almost to the previous level. People in this state have made great ». According to the source, among active players in the currency market could be and Mr. metal, because of the enterprise which could hit any of his rivals or former partners.

«AND« Sodbiznesbank », and the bank« Kredittrast »- just the tip of the iceberg - said our interlocutor. - The fact is that the bank might depend on them to buy smaller banks. And the withdrawal of licenses, for example, the «Kredittrasta» never completely breaks scheme, which involves 10-15 small banks. And I do not rule out that the death of ex-banker can be directly linked to changes in exchange rates ».

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