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Municipal lottery «212 years, the city of Krasnodar».

Conditions lottery.

Municipal lottery «212 years, the city of Krasnodar» a Day with the aim of financing social facilities and activities of the city of Krasnodar, including the development of physical culture and sports, education, health and culture.

Earmarked allocations from the lottery are 10% of total sales, and sent to the local budget (budget municipal city of Krasnodar), in accordance with the law .

organizer municipal lottery «212 years, the city of Krasnodar» a municipal administration in the city of Krasnodar municipal agencies «Licensed House municipal city of Krasnodar» (St. . Ordzhonikidze, 69, tel. 268-29-73).

Operator municipal lottery «212 years, the city of Krasnodar», as a result of open competition, Ltd. is the «South-Lotto», with appropriate equipment and network Implementation (St. Rashpilevskaya, 32, tel / fax 262-777-4262-777-6).

take part in the lottery tickets sold only municipal lottery.

Winnings up to 2000 (two thousand) rubles issued in kiosks «South-Lotto», over - in the office of OOO «South-Lotto» (g . Krasnodar, st. Rashpilevskaya, 32). razygryvaemyh Issuing the monetary equivalent of a car and an apartment is not available.

Issuance of winning the lottery operator is made within 3 (three) months from the date of publication in the media the results of the lottery run. After that period, claims on unclaimed winnings will not be accepted.

cost of a lottery ticket is 30 (thirty) rubles.

prize fund of municipal lottery «212 years, the city of Krasnodar» of fifty (50) percent of the revenue from sales of tickets and to be fully available to the players, for which tirazhnaya commission in any of the tours may hold additional lottery.

The drawing is done in 6 (six) rounds in accordance with the table: The procedure for determining the winning tickets Winnings

1 Round - in the last two digits of the number of ticket 100 rubles

2 nd round - on the last three digits of the number of ticket 500 rubles

3rd round - in the last four digits of the number of ticket 1000 rubles

4 th round - for the last five digits and a series of car

5 th round - on the last five digits of the number and series of 212 thousand rubles

* 6 Round - for the last five digits and a series of one-room apartment

* 6 tour is conducted in the sale of more than 100 000 (one hundred thousand) tickets.

ticket with a 4-6 tour match in the last five digits, but not match series, paid consolation prize of $ 10 000 (ten thousand) rubles each. Win a tour ticket continues to play in the other rounds.

the drawing prize fund municipal lottery «212 years, the city of Krasnodar» carried out in public, broadcast by the circulation in one of the channels in Krasnodar

To determine the winning ticket numbers used and the technical implementation of the principle of randomness fallout (selection) numbers as well as the visibility of the lottery prize fund lottery.

The drawing is done manually method, which involves the use of lototrona by extracting balls with numbers (from 0 to 9) and balls numbered series (112, 113114). After each removal of the ball from lototrona and his pronouncement, the ball returned to the bunker lototrona. Mixing balls produced mechanically.

Full text of the conditions of the municipal lottery published in the weekly newspaper «Krasnodar» from 22.07.05  30 (430).

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