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Nalchik: killed by militants last.

Morning on Friday were eliminated last pockets of resistance fighters in Nalchik - during the assault killed two thugs zasevshih in the shop "Souvenirs" in the city center.

any negotiations with law enforcement authorities, they were not.

another hotbed of resistance - 3rd ATS Nalchik, where militants seized hostages. Kabardino-Balkaria Ministry of Internal Affairs said that the militants are killed and the hostages released. Bandits attempted car Gazelle leave. They were ordered to stop, but instead they gained speed. The driver lost control and crashed into a tree. The car was surrounded, militants shot. Is still unknown, as the bandits managed to get the Gazelle. No precise data on the number of hostages.

According to the latest data, which led law enforcement authorities in Kabardino-Balkaria, during Thursday and Friday in Nalchik had been destroyed by 61 gunmen, another 27 were detained.

killed 18 policemen, two soldiers, two FSB officers, one border guard and one FSIN. Hospitalized with injuries, 58 staff members of law enforcement institutions. There is evidence of casualties among civilians - 12 dead. However, it is clear that during the day, these figures will be adjusted.

According to the Health Ministry of Kabardino-Balkaria, are currently in hospitals Nalchik were 103 wounded. According to the medical condition of some of them quite severe, but stable. "

Yesterday's attack on the city started between 9 and 10 am. The rebels, broke into mobile units, almost simultaneously attacked three divisions of internal affairs, the location Regiment patrol posting MVD, OMON, the management of the enforcement of sentences, the management of the Federal Security Service, the anti-terrorism center of the Interior Ministry, border detachment and the airport.

militants abandoned buildings grenades fired from grenade launchers and rifles. The shooting lasted for several hours, the attack was repelled with great loss for the militants. By the afternoon of the attackers were to depart, the shooting was in the suburbs. Recent fighting in the shop "Souvenirs" and the 3rd ATS continued into Friday.

evening Kolesnikov said the attack was organized ressortissants republic Anzor Astemirov and Ilyas Gorchhanov who were wanted for attacks on the administration Gosnarkokontrolya in Nalchik, in November 2004. According to Kolesnikov, they were both killed at night.

Remember, last year, militants dzhamaata "Yarmuk" attacked the administration Gosnarkokontrolya, killing all the occupants of the building. After that, the republic passed a series of so-called "special housing". During these operations, the rebels' Yarmuka were destroyed, but the group soon revived.

the eve of the Chechen separatist website Kavkaz-Center "reported that the attack on the city committed" units Caucasus Front (a structural unit of the Armed Forces of CRI), one of the shock of which was in Kabardino - Balkarian Jamaat "Yarmuk".

Yesterday, the city went rumors that participated in the attack, Shamil Basayev personally and he too was killed.

However, later in the FSB did not confirm this information.

Most experts agree that the cause of the events in Nalchik were corruption and the inability of the special steps to prevent the militants. However, experts do not expect any political or human consequences of the terrorist attack - in part because of the fact that the rebels had been rebuffed more or less successfully.

In an interview with our publication director of the Center for Military Forecasting Anatoly Tsyganok said that during the events in Nalchik, clearly demonstrated lack of specific data on the FSB upcoming attack. The reason for this failure Tsyganok believes the lack of confidence in the government among the local population. An important factor to the problem he called the high level of corruption and nepotism system "in the North Caucasus republics.

no less important problem, which has proved itself in the latest developments, director of the Center called the problem of black market weapons in the Caucasus. In his view, statements by the power that the supply of terrorists come from abroad, do not hold water, as well as militants armed with Russian-made models appeared.

"In addition, despite the fact that all of the North Caucasus are at risk of constant terrorist threat, law enforcement agencies all the buildings are not equipped as required by the situation. In this case, it comes to armored windows, at least on the first floor and bullet-proof doors. While in Moscow, this practice has long been carried out, even among private organizations, "- he said.

Anatoli Dmitrievich also stressed that Moscow's bid to strengthen the only uniformed services and civil servants are not justified and the proposed program is not effective.

But despite this, he noted two very important positive points that indicate that some lessons from the tragedy of Beslan still have been learned. The first - almost immediately was successfully carried out an emergency evacuation of all children's institutions. The second - the headquarters operation was a leader, providing rapid response militants and eliminating the risk of capture of the strategically important background and large groups of hostages.

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