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How to write press releases.

Press release (English press-release - press release), special bulletins for the press, radio, television, containing documents and information to be urgent publication and dissemination.

1. What is a press release

Press release - this is a brief announcement to the press.

Press release - specially prepared information about a product or company, distributed by for possible publication in the press.

Press Release (English press-release - press release), special bulletins for the press, radio, television, containing documents and information to be urgent publication and dissemination.

One of the most "revolutionary" discoveries starting advertising managers, and sometimes some of the leaders, is the idea that direct advertising of our time is not very effective, and that much more useful place in a newspaper article about their product or their services.

Alas, art is often a very promotional, but more often than not and did not succeed, because of such landmark works as a rule, lacks neither the time nor the power, and a revolutionary idea to die on the vine.

In contradiction to a press release - this short article, which requires much less time and energy on her writing.

second, not less "innovative" invention is a method of presentation of information in this article. At the outset, as they say, creates a problem, which is described as difficult to live in an era of modern information technology. Then, smiling person, or cud advertising washing powder, the reader is informed that there is, it turns out, a miraculous remedy to solve all its problems, and this tool is sold in such a company.

But more often than not turns out so that the reader already zapugannomu not a miraculous remedy.

press release is used as a tool for PR-company located in the same breath with such advertising and marketing activities as a direct advertising and feature articles.

feature a press release, as opposed to direct advertising and feature articles is that this is a short message that contains in itself a particular news story.

ultimate goal of the Distribution of press releases is to build and maintain a certain image in the eyes of the public.

2. What to write press releases

information rather than advertising.

It is very difficult to distinguish, but there are 2 tips:

information - is "not a story that you sell and how you live."

press release is usually not written in conversational, narrative style, but in the telegraph, the impersonal. An example of the style, it is not suitable for press releases - PR-manager of a famous company in time to come feature releases lyrical style more appropriate for the network literature.

press release written about any news, which is called Information occasion. Hence, the content of the release, usually linked to a time frame. For example, a message on the Internet forum. Thus release differs from the article, which are based on a thematic basis, for example, features new products, etc.

Topics for writing press releases

First of all, there are certain groups of press releases, or category. For example, depending on what information about the written press releases can be divided into the following categories:

  • New
  • Events
  • Shares
  • introduction
  • Miscellaneous
  • In turn, these may include a private sub-categories:


  • new products;
  • new program;
  • new service;
  • new site;
  • New Online Store;
  • new version of the program;
  • new section on the site;
  • new service on the site;
  • New site design ;
  • Activities

  • Seminar;
  • Presentation;
  • Conference;
  • Exhibition;
  • Forum
  • Press Conference;
  • Shares

  • competitions, quizzes;
  • Falling prices, tariffs;
  • period of free use;
  • Results contests, quizzes, shares;
  • victory in the contests, quizzes, tenders;
  • Implementation

  • introduction programs, automation systems;
  • Completion of the project.
  • Miscellaneous

  • Transfers to the new company addresses;
  • staffing changes, changes;
  • change of address online project;
  • Organizational Changes companies, Internet projects, websites;
  • obtain various kinds of certificates of the company and its employees (of quality, ISO, etc.)
  • Jubilees (individuals, companies, programs, websites, services and etc.);
  • round figures (10 thousandth computer 100 thousandth visitor, etc.)
  • 3. How, indeed, write press releases

    structure of the press release, the list of main components:

  • Title
  • Summary
  • The bulk
  • contact details
  • Information about the firm, companies
  • Product Information, goods, services
  • Title - mandatory part. The shorter the better. Must contain the basic idea of the message and, if possible, a bright, attractive and memorable.

    skill pridumyvaniya titles - a separate art. May use different approaches and techniques.

    Summary - a very desirable part.

    In one sentence, it is necessary to answer the question - "What I (the author of the release) I want to say?". Specifies the name. In a summary of the media is usually not published and is mainly used for technical purposes to determine to what topics include this message.

    For authors of press releases, at the same time, it's very useful work on understanding the meaning of written material. If the text of the press release fails to express in one sentence, so it must convert.

    You can also use such leading questions as "Why / why this release is written?", "To whom it is written?"

    main part - the core content of the release. Preferably with a stick to the rule, "What, where, when, who and how many", ie Answers to these questions, and are, in fact, the core content of the release.

    It goes without saying that it is very important to specify the names of activities, organizations, dates and venue, the names mentioned persons, etc.

    Recommended main part - about half a page format 4, or about 1,5 thousand signs. But, according to the theme and content of news, the press release may vary at the discretion of the author.

    contact details - a very important part for the company and the author of the release. In doing so, preferably in the first instance to indicate details of mobile contacts - phone, e-mail.

    needed is an indication of the full name and titles of the author's release, or the person to whom you can, if necessary, ask for explanations, comments or questions.

    Web site, if it exists, is also very desirable.

    information about the company, companies - optional, but desirable part of the release. Short message that it is for the company, what it does. If the release is mentioned a few companies, such as the two companies signed a cooperation agreement, it is desirable to provide information on both. All of this helps the editorial staff to navigate, with whom she has a case.

    At the same time is not desirable to abuse this part and vpihivat there any promotional text because it does not sound very impressive company.

    Nor should we pretend that the company is so well known that the wording should all know in advance.

    Example: press releases from Microsoft is always at the end contain a summary of the company.

    information about products, goods, services - the same Microsoft is using some part of this release, if it comes to any new activities with those of goods, services. For example, under some kind of promotional campaign with a software product. In the release, he had just mentioned, but in this section, as though outside the main text, briefly reminded that this is the software product.

    Again, there should not be abused by advertising.

    4. The attitude in the editorial offices of the media to press releases

    Editorial media refer to press releases ambivalent. On the one hand, any wording that wants to earn as an advertisement. On the other - any edition of interesting materials are needed.

    distinguish between information and advertising, in some cases can be frustrating. In fact, in most cases this is done on the basis of personal, subjective criteria.

    From what has been said in this section should be an important rule for the authors of press releases - you must be quite careful as to the contents of the press release and in the process of interaction with one or other media because this depends whether or not post your message and how it will appear. In fact, we are talking about lining up a special system of business partnerships and somewhere even friendly relations with such institutions as the public media. This actually is the art of the PR-managers.

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