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How to write a press release.


press release should be, as they say, negentropiynym, which is a measure to reduce the uncertainty in the information which the publication had before it came. Statement of the seminar (if it is, of course, no new announcements were made), the awarding of buyers suddenly oschastlivlennyh winning the lottery - well not the best texture for a press release. However, many of us can understand - the market is not as large, because the case and local levels seem to be large and significant.

How to build a document?

genre press release to the national journalism was new, so as needed were perenyaty filing forms that exist in the West. The general outline of their looks like. Initially, the place, date of publication and the main thesis of the message. Then comes the presentation of the details of marketing, and technology. If the news is aimed at consumers, a reasonable point - that they will receive from the newly released product. Traditionally, given two or three quotes authorized representatives on the location of the event in the life of the company and its possible impact on the market. Finally, the press release concludes with a brief background on the company and specifying the coordinates of a contact person. All of this size 1-2 typewritten sheet. This is what should be ideal.

In fact, everything is different. First, some press releases contain the phrase, it is unclear when the first reading, for example: В«The main objective is - the desire to help our customersВ». Secondly, many epithets that accompany the name of the company and its products are clearly exaggerated. Words such as В«largestВ» (ie the largest, and not just very large), В«FirstВ» (that is absolutely the first and not the first in the newly formed niche), В«leaderВ» (it is one) in press releases often used inappropriately.

The most important thing to bear in mind: those who are forced to read the press releases, as well as those who forced them to write - the representatives of В«the most reading nationВ».

Consequently, the absence of any new information after the extraction В«waterВ» in the press release, there is acute. Finally, a very trivial sometimes quoted top managers: В«This is another step in strengthening the company's leading position in the market ...В». First, any action to strengthen the position of the company, rather than weaken, and secondly, whether the positions of leadership? Is it not better to give some paradoxical statement, which will make povolnovatsya opponents, or passing comment on burning issues of the market?

Author: Sergey Barichev

published in the magazine "Business Journal"  11 dated 25 June 2003.

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